Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Episode 1 Spark Of Rebellion

Posted By CouchTuner On October 4, 2014



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  • Hans Gruber

    In all these years, the concept of a baby wookie never crossed my mind.

  • orsonhinds

    This is shit on so many levels. Use the Farce, little ones.

  • orsonhinds

    And all the evil “Imperial” types continue to have British accents. A new level of shit.

    • Forever

      Imperials have always had British accents in Star Wars

      • orsonhinds

        Yes, pathetic isn’t it.

  • boetherebel

    will there be more episodes uploeaded? :)

  • Shubhendu Singh

    You are kidding me rite?, This is absolute garbage.
    This is actual StarWars Rebel “SCUM” !!
    Every Character does excessive hand motions as if they are practiced for Deaf People.
    Full of cliche dialogs and Action scenes.
    And just how easy it is to sabotage a freakin Warship ?
    No Major Cast?, This is 50Step Backward from Clone Wars.
    This is a freakin kid show now….nothing like CloneWars.
    Funny Dialogue(38:00) MC: What is Force?
    Jedi: Force is everywhere, it surrounds us, it penetrates us (lolwat!)

    • this fool tho

      u realise that this is on a kids tv channel so umm derp …idiot

  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    Aladdin in space.