Stalker Season 1 Episode 2 Whatever Happened to Baby James?

Posted By CouchTuner On October 9, 2014



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  • Ronaldo De Lima

    SOMEBODY help her for God’s sake!

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    I find Dylan McDermott stalking in a good way…if there is such a thing!

  • Hans Gruber

    Maggie Q has a peanut-shaped face.

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    I don’t know why Maggie Q is being so harsh to Dylan McDermott, he’s just trying to be nice! I feel so sorry for him!

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    OMG that room…absolutely disgusting! Sick, sick, sick man!

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    “I look…I don’t touch”. The creepiest comment ever!

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    Whoah! What a shock twist! Didn’t see that coming at all

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    Sick woman hopefully she can get the help she really needs

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    “It’s never just drink, Janice” – Jack. It’s so true!

  • Ronaldo De Lima

    This show has got great soundtrack.

  • pesseg

    click here ton watch movie free stream Stalker 1×2 “Whatever Happened to Baby James” full episode HD quality

  • Charltina

    Wow Absolutely stunning writing! The musical score of ” Won’t you please be my baby” near the end is hauntingly compelling.. Does anyone know the singer’s name by chance? Beautiful musical score.

  • Rex Sogo-An

    Seriously made an account so I could ask for the soundtrack at the end. Its a cover of The Ronettes please help :c

  • Ames Botz Cover by Snowhill :) For those who were asking..