Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 13 Papa’s Goods

Posted By CouchTuner On December 10, 2014





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  • Ms. Oneal ツ

    Good Riddance SOA

    • Pride

      yet your ass is on here commenting you stupid fuck

      • Ms. Oneal ツ

        I think Sutter includes so many people in show that when it had to end Sutter was being soft pleasing all of those people. The show got so sloppy compared to early on when Sutter was actually a character in the show. When Toric came in that was crap Venus her character should have stayed in the past, when Bobby wanted to leave the charter he should have stayed gone, Half Sac was cool, Happy is dumb, Rat is dumb.

        The show got predictable, every episode had a chase scene, a sex scene, a shoot out and a double cross.

        So Goooood Riddance SOA u can go back to crying now. :D

  • Draco72703

    that ending was awesome they didn’t pussy out and have just take off to many shows do that now of days

  • Tamlin Mason

    What a stupid finale, Jax shouldn’t have had the privilege to take his own life. He should have killed like the violent dog his was.

    • Mrui22

      No. Sorry but this was the perfect ending if anything i think Gemmas death shouldve been alot worse

      • Pride

        I agree should of been worse on her end…

      • Judie Isabella

        After seeing that Jax made that choice, it would have been more satisfying for me if he didn’t kill her and let he live through him killing himself!

      • snickerz

        i agree that bitch started it all

      • Julie T

        I think most people miss the part that everything Gemma did was for Jax, including killing his wife…she was going to testify against him-everyone seems to forget that. That is the way of the life-if you open your mouth and go to the cops, you are dead.

    • wildagreen

      Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever read a comment by a fool who so missed the point of this how and this finale…maybe if you had some education you would realize what a great work of art this show was.

  • tye

    I hate to say it, but it would’ve been more satisfying seeing Chibs kill him, rather than him killing himself…It’s only right that the new leader takes out the old.

  • Abraxas

    Damn, that Vic Mackey is still causing trouble! The finale was good, if unsurprising, fitting end to the series. Even though I thought SOA ran out of steam a season or two back, I’ll still miss it.

  • Julie T

    What an amazing show. I wish it could have gone on more seasons as good writing and acting is pretty hard to come by. Will miss the gang.

    • Pride

      Ya i’ll miss it

  • OttosTongue

    You could say that wrapped up perfectly, or you could say it wrapped up predictably. I’m kind of sheepish of the fact that I didn’t connect the dots between Chiklis’ character and the ending I suspected was coming. I liked seeing Sutter’s co-workers from The Shield resurface in this show.

  • DomoGibb

    Jax went out gloriously… gangsta chibbs takes away with the throne and everything is good. great show and awesome finale

  • Lexmark4789 .

    He’s not DEAD!!!!

    • snickerz

      i don’t think he made it out of this one i wish it were true

    • Jim Ray

      HAHAHA….Ya think? Fifty mph head on into a semi?…uh duh!

      He may not be dead but that pretty face wont be the same with the grill marks permanently imprinted all over it.

  • snickerz

    wow what an amazing ending really gonna miss this show i wish we could see more of those who stayed behind they should just continue more eps.

  • Jebediah Mun Kerman

    Awesome show the prequel is gonna be amazing as well

  • chris Carey

    would of been awesome for a shield – sons crossover with vic back as a cop investigating sons

  • jesus p

    an ending that i didnt want to see, but an ending that was inevitable….Jax made too many mistakes. He became worse than Clay and was far worse a president, yet i found myself rooting for him….as happy ending as this show could have received.

  • Ryan Mangseth

    beautiful ending, wrapped up everything in the episode. cheers to the creator and cast, loved it. the saddest part will be no more of the Sons forever…. nice shakespeare quote at the end to, like a cherry on top :)

  • Gav


  • Wow

    cop cars just followed him at the end going 20 mph, ending made me cry. amazing show