Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12 Red Rose

Posted By CouchTuner On December 3, 2014





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  • Ms. Oneal ツ

    This is some bull shiggiddy! Booooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Woow & the set for Gemma’s kitchen is so lame they don’t even have above cabinets! Everytime they show their kitchen it urks me soooo much! Blah!

    If they show episodes like this they can just end it now. I wasted my time! >:(

    • Ms. Oneal ツ


      The way that u know who went out was so weak that it wasn’t even worth it. U know who had it coming way worst then was u know who got and it should have come way way sooner!

  • Pride

    why didn’t i get more satisfaction from her death

  • Enbo

    Look at the Flowers Gemma

    • Wolf Haley Hendrix

      Best spoiler ever death to the witch

  • SAQ Rabbit

    They had to display his ass one more time. I wouldn’t be at all suprised that if/when he dies in the next episode (and I still think he will) some one out of character and off set just runs up and pulls down his jeans and yell LOOK AT IT! THIS IS IT! NO MORE JAX ASS! TAKE IT ALL IN!

    lol thats kind of how i felt at the end of this episode. *shrug* oh well.

    • snickerz

      they can show his fine tight ass as much as they want dont be a hater

      • SAQ Rabbit

        No hate… just seems shoed in every time it happens. I do like the dichotomy of jax starting the show with her and ending the show with her… but I guess a shoe in butt isn’t at all different then a shoe in tit shot. *raises fist* equality and all that jazz…

  • Ben Laymance

    This episode won’t play for me. I’m using my iphone safari. I’ve watched this whole season on my phone. But for some reason this season will not play

  • Julie T

    Devastating. I can’t believe he did it.

    • snickerz

      it had to be done she killed those baby’s mama for no reason

      • Julie T

        Yes, but you only get one mom.

        • snickerz

          true but she was evil

          • Julie T

            She always protected her son-if you look at her that way, the evil peels away.

  • Ben Laymance

    I’m trying to watch the last 2 episodes and episode 12 will not play. wth man. what gives? why won’t it play? none of the players work and the first three players say video was deleted…..