Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 11 Suits of Woe

Posted By CouchTuner On November 19, 2014





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  • lanalooski


    • Pride

      You’re wow, absolutely stunning women :D I’d love to get to know you and who you are. Anyways man i want Gemma to die already

  • SAQ Rabbit

    So much shit has hit the fan… its not even working anymore. There is no fan. Just a pile of shit. A huge pile of shit, with Gemma’s name all over it.

  • missinglynx

    This was perfect. How can anyone kill his mother, no matter what does? The final episodes will be incredible.

  • The Reader

    I’ve noticed over the seasons that Wayne Unser’s character is kind of ridiculous. He blabs about things that should be kept secret and the info he should be sharing, he keeps to himself… and not for nuthin’ but with all the body count, he’s still alive? He’s like a hundred yrs old who’s had stage 3 cancer since season 1, only had chemo treatment once, always smoking which means he’s high ALL the time yet can clean up a dead body in a motel all by himself? WTF?

  • Jt

    Am now thinking Jax will die on JT’s bike, maybe even chasing gemma. It would be a fitting end to a great show.

  • Jessica Lauren

    craziness… next episodes should be amazing!

  • spoiler

    Actually Chucky kills Jax in the final episode, oops I wasn’t supposed to say that yet, spoiler alert.

    • orsonhinds

      Not a spoiler if it’s a lie, spoiler boy.

    • magdaleno hernandez


  • Profesor Hubert J. Farnsworth

    I hope it ends in incest.