Scorpion Season 1 Episode 2 Single Point of Failure

Posted By CouchTuner On September 30, 2014



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  • Ronaldo De Lima

    This episode was a little bit emotional for me!

    • Botond Dobai

      same here man

  • uhnonuhmuhs

    This show is shit.

    • Alequebyino

      just because you’re too dumb to understand

      • uhnonuhmuhs

        I understand the premise of the show perfectly well. The acting is almost as bad as the scripts they are working from which is why I am not fond of it. Top it off with it isn’t believable. And I’m not the only one to think this because the viewership drop 19% from week two to week three. It is only going to get worse ratings wise.

    • kkk

      Your an idiot

  • Hans Gruber

    I guess geniuses don’t know that any kind of metal, like that door handle, is toxic to all bacteria and viruses. But the whole pretense for this show is ludicrous. It’s like they’re expecting you to believe you can transmit a cold to someone just by calling them up on the phone and coughing in the receiver.

    • Rowland

      Yhh because tv shows are meant to be realistic….
      can everyone stop being so literal and realise that it is only a tv show, open you eyes, stop being stiff and just watch the thing

  • orsonhinds

    Corporal punishment was banned in all state and state assisted schools in the UK by law in 1987. In 1994, that teacher would have been sacked for even threatening his pupil with a stick, (assuming it was not an entirely private school, where the ban was discretionary until 1999).

    • paddywhack

      well in all fairness he wasn’t British he was Irish so it was not in the UK but in Ireland also corporal punishment only became a criminal offence in the mid 90′s.

      • orsonhinds

        Northern Irish.

    • Rowland

      Just watch the tv show… stop focusing on the little things and have a life

  • miig

    Absolute shit t