Scorpion Season 1 Episode 12 Dominoes

Posted By CouchTuner On December 16, 2014





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  • Hans Gruber

    MacGyver would have gotten the kid out in half the time with a toothpick and a rubber hose.

  • IamhotUArnot

    How convenient that he just happened to be there. *facepalm*

    This show is just getting stupider and stupider by the episode.

    And a fire truck pump can move waaaay more than 30 gallons a minute and they had one sitting on the freaking beach. *double facepalm*

    • Hans Gruber

      I think they talked about sending down scuba gear, but Toby said the boy had a collapsed lung or something (which he determined by just having the boy look up – even though Toby’s thing is psychology and he’s not a medical diagnostician) and the pressure from the air tank would kill him (even though my internet searches tell me that all scuba gear air tank regulators are adjustable).

      Anyway, I think you pretty much have to have faith that the writers did their research and didn’t just pull this stuff out of their asses.

      • IamhotUArnot

        You are correct scuba respirators have adjustable flows. You don’t even need scuba gear. Just a simple airline attached to a scuba mask would have done as they were able to pass a phone down through the tube.

        There is also the case of simply being able to put a hose down the tube and draw the water out. They had a fire truck sitting on the beach and those things can pump 1000 gallons of water per minute which is far more than the 30 gallons supposedly coming in. You could turn that truck on at 10% power and have more than enough suction. You wouldn’t even need a big hose. The idea of just using a blood oxygenator is idiotic. People are under anesthesia with greatly reduced heart rate and respiration and they are still.

        The writers have shown themselves to be completely clueless in just about every technical area that there is. They obviously don’t know computers or engineering and certainly not medicine. The Big Bang theory showed that a show can be successful and yet have a high bar for knowledge. They don’t even have to go that high.

        I agree that Toby is completely useless. Do they really need a psychologist to tell them when someone is nervous or angry? I actually don’t know which character I dislike more at this point, Toby or the Asian man/girl with the annoying voice. The computer guy comes it an second place because he keeps spouting absolute nonsense. How the hell would you know how long it takes to get a piece of equipment there. He only had an estimate of the cave and an estimate of the incoming water and you actually have to load crap on helicopters and depending in which part of the building is that could be a difference of several minutes right there but he manages to get it to withing four minutes.

        McGuyver was at least somewhat believable…….hell even the ATeam and all their contraptions were more believable than this crappy show. Oh and Walter Obrien is a huge fraud from what I have read.


      your fucking retarded they couldnt send down a mask and air hose because one of his LUNGS COLLAPESED! GOD SOME PEOPLE

  • Irrelevant