Scorpion Season 1 Episode 10 Talismans

Posted By CouchTuner On November 25, 2014





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  • SD Tracy Harper

    Was that last scene a CHUCK reference? SD

  • IamhotUArnot

    I really wish I hadn’t looked up Walter Obrien. Turns out this guy is a huge liar and a fraud.

    • Hans Gruber

      Walter O’Brien is one of the executive producers of the show.

      What bugs me is they have three “Sherlocks” on the truck, on a hazardous mission, on a dirt road and nobody noticed the lack of a spare tire.

      • IamhotUArnot

        That and apparently they need a psyhologist to tell them when someone is nervous or easy to fool.

        The more I learn about OBrien the less I can stand watching this show knowing its basically him making up these absurd stories and claiming that they are based on his real life experiences and then using it to promote his company which from what I have read is also mostly fictional in their claims.

        How the hell did anyone at the meeting even fall for this. Did anyone bother to do a back ground check? You would think that after that huge best seller “Million Little Pieces” turned out to be a pack of lies that executives would be a bit more cautious when swallowing every blowhards penis that walks through the door.

  • Hans Gruber

    Not sure where Sylvester gets 13% win percentage for solitaire. 3-Deal Klondike is 42% and 1-Deal Klondike is 79%.