Salem Season 1 Episode 4 Survivors

Posted By CouchTuner On May 12, 2014





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  • Gabriel

    1st time about to comment on a TV series ever. 1st time seeing be the 1st to comment so without further ado I’ll conclude with what seems to be nearly impossible but never is anything inevitable so I’ll also take the prize for leaving my last comment here! 1st prize 1st comment. 1st prize last comment for Salem Season 1 Episode 4 Survivors reiterating without further ado! Where is Sabrina? Maybe Salem & witches are bound together! Maybe it figures! But what if witches is really true! Do you… fear… evil? Do you believe in God? If not then evil isn’t true right? Then why not fuck with it? Or is there no reason too? Do I smell fear wreaking from your inner self? Do you have a soul? If not how come there is love in your heart? So you don’t have love in your heart? Then why do you love your mother? You don’t love your mother? Maybe she abandoned you, but whatever the reason, fear not! There is always a way. Hopefully you find the light which ever path you choose. But not many see the light because there path was not a straight road. No one can honestly walk a straight road, we still have wrong turns but it seems some people make wrong turns & here lets blame it on a mistake but some either get back on the straight road, some decide to continue. What ever took place, it ended with them never to return. Some on the other hand choose to take a wrong turn knowing that it was & never returned. So if you are looking for the light why did you make a mistaken wrong turn, then decide to continue or knowingly make a wrong turn? Simply you are not looking for the light because light travels in a straight road or is it a straight line? Maybe same meaning, just different phrasing but I made a point. Maybe the light is too bright so I’ll jump into darkness. Can you see in darkness without aid of human gadgets? If you can lend me your eye to see what you see in the darkness for knowledge sake off course. Darkness is cold, chilly & at some point freezes. Light is warm, I can see, shows me the truth. Light also comes from our sun. It is free for 12hours then darkness comes. Then we put on our lights, yet some do not! Darkness much! Well that’s your choice. Humans have something called freedom to do whatever we please & that goes for everyone. Yet some of us withhold others from their freedom but why? If that is unjust then something has to justify it. Our courts? Our law? Oh! wait, that court case ended because the suspect/s died! Hmm! what now? Life goes on? Where is the justice? I know! What is done upon the darkness shall one day come to the light! Or. What goes around comes around! Or. What goes up, must come down. The truth is concealed in those three statements and if you still do not comprehend, sadly I say to you based upon a truth, lies can be told. The truth is that it can never be trusted because on earth, we all lie at some point! So what is the truth & what isn’t? Yourself! Can you trust yourself to not do things that you do not what to do or is it that you do it and you don’t care, or you try not to do it but you still do it. I’m not perfect, but I’m aware of the truth of myself! Are you? Hide in the darkness much? My life is balance but I prefer light. Light made it possible for evolution to happen. Me & you. But don’t get this twisted when I say without darkness, what will you shine a light upon? Without light we return to the age before the Big Bang Boom. We do not even exist. But if light provided life & darkness is the holder of light a mere tool to make beautiful things, how come some of us are still so full of shit, sorry I meant darkness. Taking about shit, it is flushed into darkness not light! Literal shit on earth will soon decompose and help make the soil richer but that’s about it. Are you shit or light? Do you who seek light still fear shit, sorry I meant darkness. Why do I keep saying shit & not darkness? Honestly my fingers are to blame. Makes me full of shit right? But never darkness. I am human after all, I have shit being manufactured inside me soon to be packaged and shipped all around the world. You can also buy shit on the internet. In fact shit is everywhere. So is light! That is the real war going on. The battle of darkness & light started since the BIG BANG BOOM. Which side are you on? Where do your vote go? Black or White? You always have to pick a side even if you like both by the way. Remember that! Choice. No one likes the in between man or rat! So which side? Hard decision right? But it was always up to you & me. Never let shit walk on you and even if someone pelts you with it & others may laugh. All you have to do is wash it off and walk straight. Never get taunted into a wrong turn! You may look like a fool but are you not eager to see where the straight road takes you too? Then what are you waiting for? Run fool! Run forest run! Leave the shit throwers behind. One day there will be no subjects for them to throw shit at. Maybe they will start a shit tournament amongst themselves & the 1st prize goes to… There was not any last prize so that shit thrower became the subject. What a perk for choosing darkness. Last comment will be Light which is inevitable.

  • Gabriel

    Hi Gabriel who gives a fuck about you being the 1st commenter, Gabriel replied: Obviously you! Or. What an ugly thing to say. Or. I sense darkness inside you but you can still join me in the light, join my party. Or. I do not think you comprehend light. Or. …