Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 Ambush

Posted By CouchTuner On November 10, 2014



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  • Harmya

    Waouh, just love the ending… except for that bitch being strike and him running to help her… Did he realize that she was running away?!

  • Hans Gruber

    I don’t know if I buy the ending. Rubber tires are an insulator and pure rain water is too.

    • Michael Keeys

      The wire was touching the car and her feet were on the ground that is why it worked. Water conducts electricity.

      • Hans Gruber

        Water only conducts electricity when it is saturated with some kind of metal… for example sodium is a water-soluble metal. Rainwater leaves the atmosphere with no metal particulates, so it doesn’t conduct electricity. Basic physics 101.

        If it had just started raining, the rain could pick up soluble metal particles in the air on the way down, but that doesn’t jive with the scene- it looked like the rain had been coming down for a while, which means any soluble metal particulates were already washed away.

        • Michael Keeys

          and the street is totally clean? get real! I really dislike know it alls. Especially when they don’t

          • Hans Gruber

            Any soluble metal particulates on the ground would have been washed away after just a few minutes of heavy rainfall. This isn’t “know it alls” This is like fourth grade science class stuff!

          • Michael Keeys

            You really are that ignorant.

            But then you might ask, “What are the electrolytes that are dissolved in rain water?”

            The most common one is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide itself in not an electrolyte, but it reacts with water to make what is often called “carbonic acid”. Carbonic acid is actually a fictitious acid, since there are no molecules of H2CO3 in aqueous solution. But what is present that makes rain water a conductor are H+ and HCO3- ions.

            CO2(aq) + H2O(l) H+ + HCO3-

            1000 years ago, that would have pretty much been it. But today we have lots more pollutants in the air that contribute to acid rain and to the conductivity of rainwater. SO3 dissolves in water to make H2SO4, which exists as H+ and HSO4- ions. N2O5 dissolves in water to make HNO3, which exists in water as H+ and NO3-. These are but a few of the substances that can produce the ions in solution that will make rainwater a conductor.

          • Hans Gruber

            And you are pretty much delusional to think those chemical processes can occur during a heavy rainfall. You need a glass beaker and time. And like I said, the rubber tires are an insulator. Do you REALLY think those solubles can climb up rubber tires, against the flow of water, and make contact with the metal on the car? You lost this argument over a year ago. Why idiots like you insist on showing your stupidity, I’ll never know know.

  • Connor

    Omg, Yes! Finally! – Now to wait till next week for the next part D:

  • Jane

    I wonder what david has been up too, sad to think about amanda giving up everything to clear her fathers name and he knew she was alive the enitre time and did nothing to reach out to her. cant wait to see the story unravel !!!

  • Harmya

    And the scene between Em & Daniel… just “torride”! Maybe, or I wish they could get back together and team up against his mother hihihihi…
    Oh and… will he realize that Victoria paid a girl to lie to his face?????
    Oh and… what about some excuses to Nolan???