Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 Abduction

Posted By CouchTuner On January 19, 2015





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  • Roofffairy

    Margaux, Margaux, margaux…… Annoying much

    • Ayana

      I am so sick of Margaux. Daniel died being a hero. You wanted a story to tell your child about it’s father and you have gotten the truth! Now chill out and stop being a nut job.

      • Roofffairy

        Exactly, she got the truth and she wants to have her own “revenge”. and Daniel cheated on her?! What’s up with her tryna paint him as an angel all of a sudden?

  • malik overath

    This show needs to go…NOW. It’s gone beyond farcical, & has now come full circle back to its original insanity. Margaux’s as dumb as Jack, & David’s just loopy. As for Amanda, the writers should be sacked for making a tough female character that you can root for, & then turning her into a… blah. Don’t even have appropriate words to describe how crap she’s become. And anyone in their right mind would’ve “taken out” Victoria ages ago. One of the worst (yet blatant) female psychopaths I’ve seen on tv ever. No conscience (sham), empathy, (fake) shame, (take a guess) totally contemptuous of everyone & a ridiculously good manipulator. Bah.

  • TvLover

    I think Ben is working for somebody. He’s too clean and nice. He chases Emily too persistently. His explanations doesn’t fly with me. Expecially with this show. anyone notice how during the fight, he runs out of warehouse to “chase” the bad guy. everyone has an agenda.

    Margaux…stop trying to be a Victoria, you’ll just lose..and nobody likes an annoying cunt.

    Jessica Rabbit’s mom isn’t a good enough villain. We’ve seen that storyline hundreds of time.

    • Roofffairy

      I thought Ben was too good too, but I thought he worked for Malcolm black…. Guess not. Maybe one of tek’eda’s ( not sure how to spell amandas mentor) old pupils? Not sure where the storyline will end seems like all the revenge is finished, margaux’s revenge is just a joke.

    • Harmya

      My thoughts exactly… I do think Ben is working for someone! He said he’ve done “undercover”?? But who can he be working for that’s what bugs me?