Revelation: The End of Days Episode 2 Road to Babylon

Posted By CouchTuner On December 31, 2014





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  • Hans Gruber

    I was kind of hoping to see Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in this episode.

  • Junito Izquierdo

    well we are discovering new planets everyday and if there life like ours it will be the End of days of God , and the bible they will be gone like the Greeks GODS put in the pass,forgoten and gone, so if jesus dont come soon he will be put as MIA ,

    • Paper tiger

      I came to look at the comments to see if this show was worth a try. Reading your reference to planets that have the potential to sustain life, I tried to find the name that astronomers give them. Couldn’t find it but there are 8.8 billion planets that have the ‘possibility of sustaining life” in the milky way, makes you think !

    • bart

      maybe scientists already found life on other planets but the government decided to keep this a secret so that all the Christians wouldn’t go crazy doe to realising that their god isn’t real and starting to kill people ??

      • Hans Gruber

        There may be life on Saturn’s biggest moon. But the probe we sent there to check that out didn’t have the ability to determine if life forms really exist there or not. That’s what you get for sending a probe designed by the European Space Agency.

  • Tempy

    very different,interesting….one thing bugged me though when things where all destroyed…how come there where still news broadcasts on telly?? where,where the programs coming from??…apart from that I really like the way it was put together….lots of little films of strangers all going though their own nightmare and recording it….its kinda how it would be….having to piece together “found footage” in order to make a real and horrific story….all in all a very good short series…I would like to see more like it