Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 8 Scream For Me

Posted By CouchTuner On July 30, 2014





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  • TheFirst

    Could it be? Am I…. First?

    Just kidding ;P Couldn’t resist.

  • clubmind

    I can’t believe aria didn’t believe Hanna.shes supposed to be your best friend and you couldn’t even be bothered to at least hear her out.that made me so mad.

    • joan

      I think that the fact that she (and all the other girls too) already were upset with her for almost outing the whole Shauna/new york-thing clouded her judgement a little bit. I mean Hanna has done some pretty stupid things in general these last couple of episodes, so it’s only normal that they reacted that way.

      • No it’s not normal. Aria is just a bitch and she is so annoying

      • clubmind

        I get that but me doing stupid things shouldn’t negate the fact
        We’re best you think that little of me to think I would want to ruin your mothers wedding?i still love aria but she is going to owe Hanna a huge apology.

  • Essi

    Omg Ali is still a bitch.. I mean she’s drop dead gorgeous but really mean.

  • king

    I feel like hanna dont like caleb

  • Goddess

    I find it funny how A was right behind Spencer and Emily when A decided to find another way to get to them.. Like seriously they’ve right in front of you… If you want to kill them you obviously have the chance?

  • Goddess

    Toby is shady as hell… He could be A.. Or not I don’t know

  • Lisa

    Does anyone remember why Hanna had to apologize to Aria at the beginning of the episode , i can’t remember it

  • horneydaniel123

    those girls r hot (-_-)

  • sdenka

    aria please.. she is so annoying