Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 5 Miss Me x 100

Posted By CouchTuner On July 9, 2014




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  • cx my oppinion

    Too much to take in! And who else is wondering wtf is the deal with Caleb’s attitude?!

    • Agreed

  • k_vita2

    so Alison is now gay and Hanna a drunk, what else is gonna happen…

  • TheFirst

    This didn’t feel like an 100th episode at all, but like a regular episode. I was hoping they would do something a little more special, like other shows do when they reach 100 episodes. Unless Ezra and Aria getting back together (again), Claeb’s return and Emily and Alison kissing were supposed to be ‘special’. But things like that happen all the time..

    The explosion was pretty awesome, but.. what does it mean!?

  • PrettyLittleLover

    Ok so does this mean A is back ? I new the show couldn’t go on without her/him. And Emily and Ally kissing, what the fuck ?

  • clubmind

    There is no a anymore.the girl in the black is most definitely crazy ass Mona.this girl has pushed the pushed the limits of psychosis.she acts as if people are impervious to change.i get she was mean to you but my goodness let it have done FAR worser things than she has yet people were able to forgive u although you have never tried to was so young when she did those things what happened to her has truly humbled her.she soooo focused on getting back at ally that she is unable to move on from the situation.i can’t stand her at all.if I was ally I would go to the police about her harassing me and file a restraining order.she has proven she’s not above murder when it comes to terrorizing people.

  • Nadia Rossy

    “A” is back, WHAT A SURPRISE! Mona is still being a sketchy bitch, Aria and Ezra have redefined “awkward relationship,” Caleb shows up out of nowhere acting like the cliche “I went on a super long road trip and now I have an attitude” guy… And Emily and Alison made out? Wait what?

  • Raged Yousef

    How can i watch it?

    • Spaappel

      press play