Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 12 Taking This One to the Grave

Posted By CouchTuner On August 27, 2014


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  • Janelle Kissoon

    Mona :’(

  • Nicki Hero

    I’m fairly certain that , A is not Alison the hair is off.

  • Ollsibub

    Fairly certain Alison isn´t A, cuz 2 more seasons… But still, Ali smirking while playing Em and knowing Mona´s been brutally murdered :(( Damn you Ali

  • sakis tasios

    who the hell is A?is it alison or are they trying to trick us?the hair at the end seems off,but then again she had proof that alison knew bethany and that would destry her story she told to the police.She might be A but she gets help from others,and by the lood of her eyes on the last scene i am quiate certain she into something

    • Nicki Hero

      I think that Ali killed Bethany or had her killed, Bethany has a sister who is A. A is trying to avenge her sisters death and uncover what really happened. Ali is a monster, A is trying to find answers. The girls are stuck in the middle of Ali’s mess and She’s building an army because she knows that A wants her dead for what she did to Bethany. A killed Mona to frame Alison and separate her from the rest of the girls.

      • sakis tasios

        That a bloody good theory!Have you read the books?thank you for replying

        • Nicki Hero

          No I haven’t read the books actually. lol thanks

          • Sofia Smith

            nah, Marlene said A was a noticeable character and was in the first episode, I think the person who killed Mona wasn’t A, but was just doing their dirty work and Alison was happy about it because she hated Mona.

          • Jhoasa10

            oh wow. i didnt know marlene said that. imma have to watch the first episode just to see whos in there. its not jenna then or any new characters.. i dont mind the whol tiwn theory because i havent read the books so what she decides to do will be amazing.. imma read the books after.

          • Nicki Hero

            Where’d you hear that from? I’ve Never heard anyone say or see that.

      • esme

        Omg! Ali didn’t kill Bethany! And that’s a fact. In the previous episode melissa hastings clearly states that SHE was the one that killed Bethany. buried her alive trying to cover up Spencer.

        • Nicki Hero

          omg first of all. yes but i meant set her up to die. Dont comment on my shit trying to act like you know wtf you’re talking about. Ali was involved in Bethany dying and everyone knows that. Someone hit Bethany and the way I look at it someone else hit Alison. unless someone’s story is complete bullshit two people were buried that night. Alison who was pulled from the ground by Ms.G Remember that?! and Bethany who obviously died. Melissa buried Alison. She would obviously be able to tell it wasn’t Bethany by looking at her. Spencer hit Bethany with a shovel. Alison was hit with a rock i think. The events had to happen after each other. Alison was hit and buried first, then afterwards Bethany happened. I think that between being pulled from the ground Alison and meeting mona Alison then ran into Bethany who had been hit with the shovel and buried her. Which the plan was to get rid of Bethany all night.

          • esme

            “First of all” this is not “your shit” anyone can comment on here. Like dafug are you gonna stop me? lmfao ✋ and I didn’t read your whole comment cause I figured it was gonna be irrelevant just like your first comment.

          • esme

            Oh and btw I do know what I’m talking about I don’t need to act.

  • sakis tasios

    ohh guys i believe that hanna might be,because know we know she is clever,shes i blonde she could easily trick them all,and she were not there when the police declared she was dead

    • Ebony Lee Cummins

      Hanna was there she is clearly not A. When the police declared the death of Mona Caleb was hugging her while she was crying

    • :)

      Hanna has black stripes in her hair – A doesn’t..

  • emmalina

    I’m positive that Alison is not A. If Ali was A then she wouldn’t be slipping up, plus the hair colour is off. If Alison had anything to do with the murder of mona then she helped plan it but she never committed the crime. Like it’s stated in a few episodes, Alison is a menipluative person. She knows how to get people to side with her and how to get people to do “jobs” for her. She’s powerful but she’s just as scared of A as everyone else is. Mona was killed because she new too much and with spencer out of the way the police are now clueless on whats happened. The police man said it was a “homisuide” that’s means one killer with multiple kills. They know spencer isn’t the killer, they know that someone’s out there. I think the blonde hair is a wig to throw is off the track.

    • Nicki Hero

      Homicide could be one murder too.. js

    • Jhoasa10

      homicide doesnt mean “one killer with multiple kills”.. it means someone has killed someone else.. and it usually means cold blooded murder.

    • Pll

      I think Alison’s A

  • Ally_Ramirez

    why did mona have to die though???? :’(

  • olivia

    if alison isnt a then who is it??

  • Xo2jjl

    Wow. I was pretty sure that Mona wasn’t dead, because they didn’t have a body. I thought Mona was collecting her blood to make it look like she died. That’s why she passed out before the chorus solo tryout, but I don’t know after seeing the body in the trunk. Crazy episode. Alison is evil, but I don’t think she’s A.

  • Ebony Lee Cummins

    The hair wasn’t long enough to be Ali nor the colour did match I think CeCe had something to do with this?

    • Helenita

      yes i thought that too and gosh that person in the black clothes just lookes so fat !!!!

      • Cece is a bit more butch and bigger so it could of been her?

      • Ebony Lee Cummins

        Yeah the body looked wrong for it to Ali.

  • NOOOO MONA !!!! She looked so gorgeous in this episode and she was one of my faves
    I loved her
    I thought that she wasnt dead because there was no body found but then at the end it showed her dead
    :’(((( :’((((((

    • lalalamanders

      That wasnt mona, look again the eye color is different. Mona has dark brown eyes, they zoomed in the cool or was super light brown almost green? A’s probably gonna do something with that doll next episode. Scare the girls.. Mona got away. Hopefully with the tapes. It would suck if A destroyed the proof. And duh there was a struggle in the living room. Meaning Mona was able to run. They were in her room.

        WHOS DEAD BODY WAS IT THEN? I didn’t realise those things

        • emma

          no guys she is dead! even the actor whos plays her said she was her eyes just changed cause they were all glassed over cause she was dead and even the lighting your over thinkign it

          • Pll

            I agree with you cause on Instagram she said she was dead

            I hate Allison you could see she did it

          • lalalamanders

            yes, i know i was wrong.
            i just didnt wanna believe she was dead.. :(
            i wanted her and hanna to be friends again.


    I loved Mona.. :’( I know it’s weird but I really liked her I admit I teared up. I also have a theory, the producers and cast said that Ali does not have a twin but someone else does so I think Hanna might be the one to have a twin I mean the figure matches and all, or Cece had something to do with this.

    • Ollsibub

      Knowing Marlene, she could be trolling us and the only twins that this show is gonna have is Cindy and Mindy or whatever their names were…

  • Jennifer Nilsson

    I think that it is bethany that killed her…

  • :)

    The hair is too short to be Ali’s – but I just feel so sad about Mona :(

  • Sofia Smith

    Everyone is being thrown by this episode, the person who killed Mona probably isn’t A and was wearing a wig. Alison isn’t A she is just a sociopathic b****. Aria is A.

  • sandy neverson

    song at the end ??

  • PhoenixAshes

    I still think Ali and Bethany are twins and Bethany took Ali’s place. Bethany was locked up in Radley so she is more likely to be more psychotic than Ali. By the sound of the session tapes she had motive to want people dead (ie. Mrs D and/or Ali).
    This is all speculation but perhaps she had no intention of killing Ali and just meant to knock her out, but then Melissa came along and unknowingly buried her alive. That would have given her motive to exact revenge on Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily if she blamed them (or primarily Spencer) for how it went down. A psychopath likely would just see them as a whole and not just single one of them out as the enemy.
    If you look up the differences in sociopaths and psychopaths you’ll notice the attributes of a sociopath more closely resemble Ali before her so-called death and the actions after more closely resemble that of a psychopath.
    If they are in fact twins it stand to reason that they could both be mentally deranged, perhaps one more than the other.
    Just a theory.

    • Pll

      Yeah and they looked alike because Bethany was gonna take Alison’s place

  • pll

    what’s the song at the end called and when does the new season start??

  • Yess so happy that hanna did good on her sats

  • pll

    OMG mona died A had hair just like ail ‘s

  • Kaitlyn Ruffin

    Alison is dead, her twin has taken her place, I don’t know anyone crazy enough to suddenly decide to come back when there is someone still out to kill you. btw, how long do you think it would take to find out all of Ali’s secrets?Know how to act like her well enough to fool her friends?….When she said like mother like daughter, was she talking about herself?….Someone can’s be blonde with TWO brunette parents…. Why she (Mrs. D) visit Bethany if she wasn’t her mom? If I had a twin my friends would know unless she was in a mental hospital…. Perhaps Cindy was sent by Beth to kill Mona, and then Mona killed her and she is going on the run just like “Ali” did leaving everyone to think she is dead….

  • Nic

    that could have been a wig… Was that not Paige’s car Mona was in at the end it was the same bright blue colour as the one earlier in the episode.

  • guest

    my god u guys i just watched this episode and i was left shocked….ive red some of the comments and am not sure who is A but fucking sure tuning in to find out,….. this show just leave me a the edge of my seat everytime.

  • natasja

    i really hope that is just was a set up ;( MONA

  • Curious

    when does the rest get posted???