Power S2E3 Like We’re Any Other Couple

Posted By CouchTuner On June 21, 2015





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  • RIP




  • glenn

    Glenn whyy

  • Hans Gruber

    And Glenn didn’t even get a tribute show first.

    • blink -.-

      this entire series is Glenn’s tribute show :’(

  • Sum Ting Wong

    How did that douche Nicholas still have a bullet when they got cornered?

  • idgaf



    I’m pretty sure that the walkers were chowing down on Nick’s corpse, either that or Glenn somehow get managed change his physiology to where he shifted his intestines up to his chest cavity.

    • blink -.-

      but with that many, it would take one hell of a miracle to save him even if they were busy for a few minutes with the other body of top of him.

      • Merlin Senthil

        Very true, that’s what i’m thinking.

    • Joe

      i don’t think glen is dead either. if glen ever gets killed it will be by people and not walkers. nick fell on top of him so i think those walkers were chomping on nick instead. Glenn would walk away having all those guts on top of him just like getting away from walkers in season one. i just don’t think TWD would do glenn like that. all other character deaths had more and this just didn’t do him justice so i don’t think he is dead.

  • Paula Brooke

    Glen’s not dead! He can’t be! That was that idiots body on top of him getting ripped to pieces???? Please tell me it wasn’t glen????

    • Joe

      walkers will never kill glenn. imo
      (comic or not)
      i mean its only the 3rd episode of the season. theres got to be more of a build up there imo

    • Rix69

      thats what i was thinking

    • Yunomedude

      He’s dead. This is The Walking Dead, there’s not sugar coating.


    • Gary Marlow

      Wishful thinking

    • Merlin Senthil

      Sorry, i think he is even if it weren’t his guts he was in that situation surrounded. plus, look at his face. He’s screaming in pain.

  • Christopher Lee

    Man… They were right.. This season is beyond intense, they should of called this episode FUBAR…. This will be the longest week ever to get some kind of resolve in the next episode… I can’t believe it’s only the 3rd episode.
    I have a feeling Glenn makes it some how, it seems like they were eating Nick…I hope so. For Maggie’s sake as well….
    I’m still in awe over all that has happened. It’s official now, this is the best show.

    • Merlin Senthil

      I don’t think we’ll get a resolve next week, sadly. I know we will eventually, but next week has rumored to be about a flashback from morgan’s time finding Alexandria. Which, I’m not looking forward
      too. I wanna see Rick, Darl, and find out about glenn.

      • Christopher Lee

        Damn, I think you are right. I love the flashbacks but hate that I usually want to know what’s going on in the present time line! They should make flashbacks web episodes or something… I need to know what’s going on with the 3 amigos!!

  • Merlin Senthil

    Phenomenal season. It is very intense and constantly making me desperate for the next episode. I would like to think Glenn is alive, but sadly I think he’s dead. He is just in such a bad situation…even if it weren’t his guts, he would die..but I’ll hope for the best. Rick will escape somehow i think. I’m mad next episode will focus on a flashback of Morgan’s…I want to see Darl, Rick, and resolve this whole Glenn thing…at least get some closer. I just don’t wanna have to wait 2 weeks for it.

  • Tess

    I’m hoping he scooches under the dumpster while they’re munching on that other guy. Thanks ct for sharing.