Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 2 White Out

Posted By CouchTuner On October 6, 2014






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  • Hans Gruber

    I never thought I’d be saying this, but someones gotta take out Little Bo Peep.

  • Zainab Noor

    I ship Emma and Hook 100%

    • Caz

      That scene where Emma hugs Hook when she gets out of the ice cave – #CaptainSwan are endgame, even if its gonna take alittle time :)

  • Jade

    So just a random theory.
    At the end with the woman with the freezing powers, I think she might be a future Elsa. Maybe she went back to Arendelle to search for Anna, then went to the Enchanted Forest and by the time the curse hit, she went with them. Or maybe she just was there the second time the curse came. Idk. Just a theory.

    • Vien Duong

      That’s Elsa’s mom

      • http://being-yourself-is-awesome.tumblr.com Manisha Balani

        Both of Elsa’s and Anna’s parents feared Elsa’s magic, that’s why they left to find a cure of some sorts. Or did you mean that Elsa’s had a different mother?

        • maaarcus99

          Actually, we don’t know why they left yet. It’s only a theory which I don’t believe.

      • Caz

        Elsa’s and Anna’s aunt :)

    • HCA

      Actually, it’s already been confirmed that she’s the original Snow Queen, from the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale on which Frozen was based.

      We don’t know her connection to Elsa though, but I personally wouldn’t like it if she was related to Elsa and Anna. That’s a storyline OUAT has done way too often (‘plot twist: this character is actually related to one of our heroes!’).

  • Ollsibub

    omg when David asked Emma if she was okay,
    it sounded like he said: Emma are you gay HAHA
    Fucken knew it

  • SAQ Rabbit

    “That is someone you don’t want to mess with… they call her Bo Peep…”

    THIS… is where I lost all my shit laughing. FOR REAL!?! First Peter Pan now Bo Peep? What’s next, Mogli slaying everyone with his pet bear and panther? LMAO

    • Cher Fosters


    • Allison Christensen

      I know right?! I hope they don’t change and more good guys to villains!

  • Cher Fosters

    <3 this one
    LOL, Bo Peep!!
    tots amazing