Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 12 Heroes and Villains

Posted By CouchTuner On December 15, 2014






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  • Ekek Mo

    Hello, from the preview of villains didn’t maleficent die on the first season as the dragon Emma killed her I think lol

    • HyugaName

      It’s a flashback that she’ll appear in. She is listed only on one episode I think.

      • Joyce Lee Jimenez

        Gold said they have two more stops to make, I’m assuming its to get cruella and some how maleficent survived? but then that would mean they would have to get her at storybrook, but then again thats the ultimate stop anyway and doesn’t necessarily mean maleficents still alive.

  • Caz

    Emma knows Killian far too well to be fooled by Mr Gold!! That woman sure does know her man!! :D

  • Caz

    Wow that kiss at the beginning with #OutlawQueen still got hope for these two!! and the kiss at the end #CaptainSwan omg!! crazy!! :D

  • Jay

    I know everyone hopes that Mickey Mouse will make an appearance as the author and there’s great evidence in previous episodes that it will be him. Still… how cool would it be if they summoned the ultimate author of it all, Walt Disney, himself??!! :D :D :D

    • Keshia Vincent

      Nah, it should be the brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson.

      • TheCareTaker

        What if it turns out to be Henry…. ?

  • Joey Jerk

    I’m note quite sure if im excited for the 2nd Half or if i fear it – Could make Once upon a Time jump the shark.

    I find it kinda ridiciuolus that Cruella had an apperance , I wouldnt count her as a Fayrytale Caracter – also, how come She’s with Ursula and Maleficent? Cruella isnt even a Witch!

    Also i would HATE it if Maleficent would be a Caracter – even I do like her – She died!

    Also I dont get why Ursula is in New York , If she came with the Curse she’D be in Storybrook . . . Things getting kinda silly lately

  • Hans Gruber

    If Gold is as dark as he’s supposed to be he would seek vengeance against Belle.