Nurse Jackie Season 7 Episode 1

Posted By CouchTuner On March 30, 2015





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  • WhateverMan

    The AllMyVideos file has a mismatched audio-to-video problem.

    Oh, crap. So is the VSpot video…

    The only one that works / loads correctly is the one under VodLocker (the last tab).

    • Nanner Bux

      Yeah.. it is really bad.

      If you know how to rip the videos (download them from here) you can use VideoLan Video Player (VLC) to sync the audio and video- pretty easy after you do it the first time.

      • WhateverMan

        I’m in the middle of a feud with my cable provider so I dropped Showtime and HBO so I’m unable to do this.

  • Ms. Oneal ツ

    Why has this show stopped being funny?! >:(

    • Suzalay10

      Probably because it portrays a real life of an addict and everyone
      involved with them.

      • WhateverMan

        Still not seeing the funny. Her character is a opiate-driven misanthrope who would forsake everything and everyone just to get high and / or maintain her chemical composition to prevent her from going berserk.

    • Nanner Bux

      Oh.. that is not a toughy. It is no longer funny to you because you are what they call a ‘simpleton’. Meaning- you have a low IQ, you laugh at people falling down for the most part, and you are in complete denial that all the white trash in your life are a bunch of narcissistic addicts and codependents.

      So, when your goofy self starts watching Nurse Jackie and no one is falling down or you do not see any boobies or when the show tries to point out that drug addiction is a nightmare way to live for you and all of those who care for or work with you, you do not laugh.

      You may want to run down to the corner drug dealer, buy you a grab-bag of goodies with whatever government assistance you are living on, and then lock yourself in your creeper van, keep stealing that Wifi and watch some Bill Maher and Michael Moore stuff. They will help you not feel bad for being a slack jawed, non-bathing, non-working fool who blames all his problems on the white man.

      You will laugh at how smug they both are and then I will not seem near as much of an A-hole as I do right now.

      Then the world will be yours, young…. whatever the hell you are…

      • WhateverMan

        Yo, I watch the show and I’ve never considered it funny. I’ve considered it a looking glass into the life of someone who has one, driving force in her life: her next high.

    • WhateverMan

      I don’t understand how it ever was considered funny and when Edie Falco won an Emmy award for best actress in a comedy, even she said “I’m not funny.” LOL

    • Ms. Oneal ツ

      The other characters on this series in the prior series all had comic relief written into their scripts.

      That is why I asked why would the writers decide to take this show so dark when it started out having characters that surrounded Jackie at All Saints who always were good for some comedic relief.

      Gloria Akalitus -she was always good for a laugh fumbling through her day to day admin tasks while the nurses stay ahead of her!

      Dr. Eleanor O’Hara – No one could be as well dressed or shallow while saving lives and still be as funny as her!

      Dr. Fitch Cooper -He did have a funny line in S7 E1 when he asked if she could smell what was rotten in Dr. Roman’s “rented” apartment!

      The show used to have some good laughs even though NJ was souly lost.

      Thanks for all your opinions!!

  • c73eola

    Where is episode 2