Numb3rs S4E5

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 19, 2015



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  • allycatt


  • SAQ Rabbit

    I was sooo ready to be pissed if Iris was going to be difficult with the decision Joe made about her mother, I totally saw it coming and expected the worst because her character has done shit like that before… but then it didn’t happen, she understood and was ok with it. Which shows character development, and that makes me very happy.

    Oh and Jessie L. Martin (Joe) pushing my emotions around again. Tell me when that guy is crying you don’t want to cry with him. Fucking amazing.

    Also, a room full of scientists, theorists, and geniuses didn’t think that a “hallway” to another world couldn’t be used both ways? Why didn’t anyone shut the damn thing off when they left. I mean it’s not just common sense, it’s Eco friendly. Something like that doesn’t look like it runs off just of a few amps of power.

    • Jason Matthew Born

      Better yet, why didn’t they put up physical barriers around the structure… not that it would have slowed down several types of metas or alien types.

  • Goody Two-Shoes

    Hypocritical much Barry? You killed the Sand Demon last episode.

  • kiichan

    at the end there…. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!

  • vame

    now he is going to Prison Break XD