Numb3rs S3E2

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 19, 2015



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  • Blue

    thank you for the upload, also I believe I gave those exact reasons as to why penguin didn’t kidnap the sister last week

    • Blue

      I’m posting this in the reply because it does contain ***SPOILER*** content even if I really don’t consider it ***SPOILER*** territory because a real ***SPOILER*** should tell you something that you don’t know about or the outcome of which cannot be predicted which is why I don’t think ***SPOILER*** is the appropriate thing to call this shows half assed, no not even half, quarter? eighth? sixteenth? yes sixteenth assed attempt to get us to believe that Bruce Wayne is going to die.

      • Christopher Lee

        What?? Lmao.. Why would you think they are trying to make you believe Bruce will die? It’s common knowledge between creators and fans that we know Bruces legendary and lengthy life ahead of him. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be attempts on his life along the way… If there wasn’t dangerous test along the the way, then perhaps there wouldn’t be a Batman or at least a hardened hero like we know. Come on man, that’s a stretch… A 1/32 assed attempt at the downplaying Gotham’s creator’s intentions.
        Sounds trollish…
        Knowing Bruce isn’t going to die isn’t news, it isn’t a spoiler, it’s common knowledge….

        • Blue

          3 things, 1. because of the way they are going about it, theo befriending bruce, collecting the dagger, the visit from the murderous priest, if this were a new show with new characters and unknown outcomes it would be obvious that they’re trying to drum up suspense over whether or not a character would die, 2. I write my posts under the assumption that everyone in the world is as dumb and ignorant as a rock, the smarter ones may be closer to a stump or an amoeba and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised but I’m never disappointed , so I loaded up with spoiler warnings for those incapable of realizing that Bruce Wayne has the most impenetrable plot armor ever conceived. 3. you are ballsy, I like that.

          • Christopher Lee

            1. That’s called a story line, no one in Gotham is safe from threatening and dangerous events. This IS a new show with not really new characters, just unknown origins, untold stories. With some new faces thrown in to add variety to what we were are already used to from comics and movies stories. It’s fresh so the boundries are pretty open for their ideas in the portrayal of these characters but they still have to keep most of their outcomes intact to “present day”. Of course they want to keep the viewer in suspense.. That keeps interest, and is part of any entertaing show. 2. Point taken, but you’re going quite a bit overboard in this situation with your view of people’s knowledge on this subject. Who doesn’t know Bruce Wayne’s story lasts well into his years? And that a show portraying an adolescent Bruce, we don’t have to worry about him being extinguished? But who’s to say he isn’t to experience a situation to bring him to the brink of non existence?? We don’t know this timeline so that makes it intriguing. 3. Right on.
            4. What is Gotham without BRUCE WAYNE.

          • Blue

            All right I know when I’m beat. you’ve convinced me, my argument was weak and ill founded, none the less I had a wonderful time and hope we can do this again some day.

          • Christopher Lee

            Check mate Bitch.

            Haha, just kidding. Ballsy may pay off, but I respect anyone that has the balls to admit their fault and accept someone else’s view. Not trying to sound egotistical, I can be wrong at times too.
            I thouroughly enjoyed this and other debates on my favorite shows as well. Problem is, I do come across MANY stumps along the way and most of the time I feel like beating my head against the wall trying to figure out their off mindset to whatever it is. I try to shed some light with my opinion, but they all can’t be saved LoL. Till next time my friend, “you’re my boy blue”
            PS. What else do you watch?

          • Blue

            Flash, Arrow, Once upon a time, Blacklist, a few others that are in the off season, and you?

  • IamhotUArnot

    Gordon is a shitty cop. This is the umpteenth time he has waited to long to take out a criminal with a deadly weapon. For fuck sake one warning is enough. If they don’t drop it then cap their fucking ass. The cops death is ENTIRELY on Gordon.

    • Darren

      any cop with a gun is a shitty cop