NCIS Season 12 Episode 1 Twenty Klicks

Posted By CouchTuner On September 24, 2014



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We are investigating this host for forced mobile ADS. Until then please watch through this external link :


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  • orsonhinds

    Pet hate: this tendency in any establishing shot to have a caption with the name of the most famous cities in the world (fine) followed by the country those cities are in. “Moscow, Russia” for instance. Grrr, not fine. If you really are so dumb that you do not know that Moscow is in Russia, I just do not believe that you can get a job to pay for the television or computer that you are watching this pointless geography lesson on. I seriously doubt you would able to turn it on even if the machine was donated to you by some kindly relative taking pity on the retarded family member.

    “London, England”, with a panning shot of the the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben with Tower Bridge in the background – that was in the latest series of 24. I felt like throwing my gin and tonic at the screen.

    It is SO patronizing – don’t you feel patronized? To assume that just because every American is used to hearing city followed by state in the USA (Dallas, Texas etc. – although it seems to be increasingly optional nowadays), the same must apply to the most famous cities in the world. You must actually write down the country in which these, the most iconic cities ever, anywhere, are located (“Paris, France” with a big fuck-off picture of the Eiffel Tower in shot is another one) according to some jackasses in Hollywood, because audience = stoopid.

    Thanks for listening. Rant over. Now, back to NCIS, which is brilliant – and made in “Los Angeles, United States of America”. Oh no! I’ve caught it!