Mr. Robot S1E3 eps1.2_d3bug.mkv

Posted By CouchTuner On July 9, 2015



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  • Snapperfisho


    • last

      Pay more attention yo! The guy is definitely Bi, not gay, it looked like he just did the guy to get at his info or some shit.

      • Snapperfisho

        HE FUCKED A DUDE!!! how much more gay do you gotta be YO!

        • Killius

          When he ties her up and she’s pregnant from him?

          • Snapperfisho

            Presuming …. needs more attention i guess :S

  • HAHA am right again

    its Fight Club.. he has split personality and he is both main characters. notice how no one sees them both interacting Maddock.

    • last

      Interesting, but no. It turns out Mr Robot is being treated the way he dresses and smells, like a homeless man…. If you pay close enough attention he is noticed by others, although they do quickly glance away.. for example when Elliot has him in his grips other people in the office take notice, and again at the bar with the bartender the guy gets a glance and then ignored. There indeed was direct eye contact between Mr. Robot and the bartender.

      Flaws to your logic good sir.

    • anon

      nah mr robot is real. He is an agent of either e corp or the government or working for both to frame Elliot for blowing up that pipeline. Like the FBI when they give someone a fake bomb they will keep pushing until they get him to commit a terrorist act.

  • last

    Yo CT EJOYED THE D3SCR1PT10N ! L0LZ!!!!!!!

  • xoxofrets

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