Major Crimes S4E5 Snitch

Posted By CouchTuner On July 7, 2015




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  • donnaeve

    love this show

  • Brad Jamison

    Hopefully, Rusty will relapse on meth in this episode so we never have to see the good little gay boy again, And Sykes can be elevated to captain, so she is practically in every scene. Oh, and someone on the perfect police squad will actually do something wrong, or bad,or shady, or human. This cops are angels routine is more than my suspension of disbelief can handle. I mean, are you doing straight up PR for the LA Police, or is this a real, contemporary drama. Rhetorical. Withdrawn.

    • WhateverMan

      1. The Deputy Chief got herself thrown off the force a couple of years ago for attacking a serial rapist / murderer just to get his DNA.
      2. Rusty never did meth. His mother was the one with the drug problems.
      3. Sykes isn’t even a sergeant, let alone a lieutenant, and never mind Captain.
      4. Julio was nearly thrown off the force because of his temper.

      Conclusion: you don’t watch this show.

  • Brad Jamison

    OH, and Sykes, undercover prostitute to catch a suspect. Short black skirt, white blouse, you’re welcome. (But no, we gotta have gay Rusty and his incredibly interesting problems.)

    • WhateverMan

      Dude, you’re on the Internet and you can’t find something like that on your own?