Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 3 Moving On

Posted By CouchTuner On September 30, 2014



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  • carrie

    soulja boy is so disrespectful to that girl and her daughter
    he dont care about her feelings
    he wants a main chick and a side chick
    i hope she drops his ass because he is no good for her and her daughter

    and it dont matter if its your birthday
    that does NOT give you the right to be a jack ass

  • carrie

    omorion mom is so damn selfish. shes taking her son for granted. i know that kids should give back to there parents and help them but his mama is just trying to clean him out. all she sees is money she dont see her son as her son only as money and thats wrong. his mama is pissing me off.
    its sad when his mama thinks that she is more important than that baby coming on the way

  • carrie

    if tierra doesnt have her careere cause of the shit shes done to lose it how the hell does she have money and looking like she living life full of it

  • carrie

    and i knew tierra punk ass wasnt gonna fight. she puts up a front like she is and backs off like the little bitch she is.
    i use to love tierra her music an all. but now i done lost respect for her

    • The President

      these ho’s is famous? I didn’t know…. thought they were just side chicks of Rappers.