Kingdom Season 1 Episode 1 Set Yourself on Fire

Posted By CouchTuner On October 10, 2014



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  • Tempy

    Interesting,very trashy and sum what hard core in places and I think a few of the peeps in this need Saint Jude but I guess it’s street life and they are fighting though it just trying to get some where…It could use some work,all in all if you like SoA then this could be for you

    • julzzzy

      ^^^For some reason my post was added as a new comment but I was trying to reply to you :/

  • julzzzy

    I do not agree. I think this show is solid in every sense of the word with a very compelling story. Yes, it has some of the dark and gritty violence of the earlier seasons of SOA but it is not gratuitous and always advances the plot. And sorry to current SOA fans, but the pointlessness of the truly disgusting graphic murders and the screen time devoted to this without much story development has ruined a really good show. IMO The Kingdom succeeds where SOA has sadly failed.

    • Tempy

      I can see what your saying and yes SoA has been very dark and pointless in many ways,my comment about The Kingdom is only about the first episode so we will see how things go with it, all I was trying to say really is that there seems to be many lost souls who I hope find their way. I really hope the kid is ok as he could get out if he is smart