Killjoys S1E2 The Sugar Point Run

Posted By CouchTuner On June 27, 2015




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  • jaka lodlod


  • Viking blooded

    This show is boring and reeks of feminism, Killjoys,,, Deserves the title!

    • The Dude

      Mate I don’t think you understand what feminism is.

    • The Mynxie One

      Where the hell do you get feminism from this show? Oh you can’t handle seeing a woman being strong, and smart? Idiot!

    • Michelle Davis

      What a stupid comment .

  • Ceci

    The lead actress reminds me of Lisa Bonet with an English accent….Cheesy show but I’ll keep watching.

    • The Mynxie One

      I think she is much hotter than Lisa Bonet, maybe its the accent lol.

  • guest

    So, why is D’Avin pretending to be hero? He killed some guy he didn’t know to hand over information that might be important for the rebels. Rebels like the ones he blew up after their world was trashed because they wanted better living conditions. His attitude seems self-righteous
    but he’s completely unaware trash. Then the next episode they act like good guys? I like the show and I hope it goes on for awhile, but I seriously hope they get screwed for the fcked up sht they senselessly with that attitude. Least Dutch doesn’t seem to pretend she’s a good guy doing bad things.