Keeping Up with the Kardashians S07E02

Posted By CouchTuner On June 12, 2015


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  • Bawk Bawkbagawk

    sooooooooo satisfying.

  • Boring Human

    I didn’t like the video game stuff, but I liked the rest of it.

  • bubbet

    I think it was boring (Just my opinion), and I only watched it because of Zachary Levi:)

  • Hans Gruber

    I thought Claire was indestructible, but somehow her dad doesn’t think she survived a bomb blast, when he himself did?

    • last

      he was at the edge away from the center of the blast, and technically even claire if exploded by a direct bomb blast would blast into over a thousand little pieces, which wouldn’t be able to be recoverable. Think about it.

  • El Bangerdor

    I’m feeling a little Sword Art Online vibe.

    • Akim Lai-fang

      i was thinking the same thing! lol

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Well, it wasn’t bad… wasn’t breath taking… The video game bit is kind of dumb… Actually most of the powers introduced so far is kind of lack luster. Hope it gets better.

  • tsh85

    Only reason I am watching this show is for
    Robbie Kay…..the kid is a phenomenal actor!