iZombie S1E6 Virtual Reality Bites

Posted By CouchTuner On April 22, 2015





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  • popober

    Did I hear Scott Menville when Live logged in to the game? I think I did.

  • Harmya


  • Yontimo

    That zombie girl must be the most psychopathic person ever. Someone practically killed hes sister and she sees not letting go a tragedy? Wow! I hate humankind.

    • Rod

      I think the fat man got off easy. His death was too fast. The brother should have just denied everything. A good lawyer would get him off. All the evidence linking him to the crime was circumstantial. If you are taken into custody by the police, ask for a lawyer and then shut the hell up.

      • Yontimo

        You should learn to keep your mouth shut.

        • Rod

          I can only assume that English is not your first language since you didn’t notice that my comment was supporting your own supposition. The zombie girls glib comment that the brother couldn’t “let it go”, as if he should just ignore the injustice of the cowardly attack perpetrated by the disgustingly vile hacker, was ridiculous. His sister suffered for a year at the hands of that petty tyrant before taking her own life. The hacker didn’t suffer near enough before dying.

          • Yontimo

            Your assumption is correct, but for wrong reasons. You are planning a murder and showcasing sadistic side of you so openly that i really dont want to be associated with you.

          • Rod

            I use to be as naive as you but then I grew the fu@k up. I suggest you do the same. Justice is what you make of it. I define murder as the intentional taking of an innocent human life. The hacker was not innocent: his victim was. You go right on and be a good docile sheep dipshit. Baaah!

          • Yontimo

            So you grew up on the streets buried your parents abusive parents who killed themselves. F hell, grow up kido.

          • Yontimo

            BTW: If you want to discuss about murder i got more than few people i can direct you to. ..And yes, i tell most of them the same thing. F useless drywanker.

          • Rod

            What the hell are you pattering on about? I don’t think you can distinguish between what I write and the voices in your head. They make a pill for that.
            We are having two very different conversations and I’m not going to continue to feed your psychosis. To be clear: I will not be responding to you any longer so any response from me in the future will be in your own troubled mind. I urge you to seek help from a qualified mental health professional.

          • Yontimo

            You know why i was last time in interrogation? It was because i was tortured and told to officials that if they dont leave me alone, im going to murder everyone i get to. The cop was going to investigate two different accusations but i only committed the other one, so to the other one i replied: so it begins. To the question of if i was serious, i said that i dont have a answer to that question, as i do to all questions. Now you little fucker should grow a spine and stop acting like a little emo you are.

          • Yontimo

            ..No charges was pressed. If it matters.

  • exoskull

    16 yr old brain yummy!!!