Ice Cold Gold Season 3 Episode 1 Adapt or Die

Posted By CouchTuner On March 7, 2015





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  • Snapperfisho

    slow start to the episode and more bitching , looking like the show is going to be slow , could get interesting if a polar bear eats one tho ;)

    • Jim Ray

      LMAO 8)) That’s the only thing that would make this show interesting lol.

  • Tempy

    That was criminal…. the mineral board where so unjust by taking their red claim from them like that….all the time and effort….all their hard work gone…..and now to have move up north…Good Luck Guys I am rooting for you.I just hope they don’t find something to make their dreams come true again, just to have it taken from them by the board like the red zone was….that must have been soul destroying.

    • Jim Ray

      This is a DRAAAMA show. They would have known long before they ever arrived what the regulations were. I would venture to say that they knew last year that they couldnt actually mine that area. It was all for show. As a rock hound myself, that pretty little chunk of “Ruby” they were so dog-gone proud of is junk! Its pink corundum in matrix. Not much more than a novelty piece unless it had inclusions in it that would star when cut into a cabochon. Otherwise, it makes a pretty paper weight. For the love of god, please realize this show and all the other reality shows are BS!!!

      • Her Majesty the Hermaphrodite

        Haha, nice comment. It didnt occur to me, but I am certain that it is the way you say it was. It may even be that they realized that it is not cost effective to mine there (400+karat stone ~7500$) and just used this mineral office crap for dramatic effect.

    • Her Majesty the Hermaphrodite

      Even if it did happen the way the show made it appear, it is hard to fault a country being protective of its resources when it comes to foreigners.

      • Tempy

        If that’s the case they shouldn’t have let them go out there in the first place,they just used them to find the gems and after they did all the hard work the mineral board just took the lot…which was wrong…
        they could have made a deal,a partnership between them and the lads,that would have been fair,at least the lads would have gotten something out of it,rather then losing most of their money.