I Survived A Zombie Apocalypse Season 1 Episode 2

Posted By CouchTuner On February 23, 2015





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  • Oguz Ates

    Wow great episode, two survivors die in this one…

    • Harmya

      pretty pleased to see the second one go… he or whatsoever “it” was was pretty annoying!

  • Harmya

    The creepy thing about these brainless kids is that they leave the f**** door wide open when they leave on missions! How stupid is that if u were in a zombie apocalypse! And their mouth runs loud… that one calling her mission companion out loud! pfff… ridiculous!

  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

    kinda stupid knowing its not real and you cant kill anyone. o lets play I made it and im alive lol.

  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller

    big fkn waste of time money and another show could have been better . this show blows big chunks

  • angel001

    I like this show, but I don’t really understand them, when they do small talk. I hope I’m not missing anything important.

  • Jeff1

    the tv broadcast during program is called pantz bit like program

  • Jeff1

    these guys would be really fucked if zombie apocalypse did happen, running outside with pen and paper, and plastic bottles, wheres the machetes, lol