How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 2 It’s All Her Fault

Posted By CouchTuner On October 3, 2014



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  • Hans Gruber

    Its best to just be honest especially if you have a bad memory. If you just tell the truth there’s less chance that you’ll get the “facts” wrong.

    And its also best to have a bad memory. If you can’t remember the bad things you’ve done, you go to bed with a clear conscience.

    • tiptoptoe

      Its best just to be honest, wrong grammer…

      • Hans Gruber

        You mean “grammar”, right?

      • Jlundy0612 .

        Typo!,Typo! what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when they come for you!!

        -Grammar Police

        lol please tell me you graduated from high school? Then after that college and your major was English.IF NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP AND CONTINUE TO PUT 3 PERIODS AFTER EVERY CLICHE COMMENT YOU POST… :)

  • Bernie

    she is so ugly… super manly n shit.

    • Miss Animaniac

      Sorry that not every Black woman can look like Halle Berry. We’ll send the memo around so that we can tailor our features to your liking…

      • Bernie

        Its not her blackness. Its just that she is UGLY!!!

    • Olu

      You are such a tool, this is the most retarded comment ever. Trash like you spew nonsensical jargon. It’s apparent you are a ignoramus nincompoop, and If you care to be educated, both words mean the same thing fool..

      • Bernie

        You don’t even know what Jargon is. Also who in their right mind uses two words that mean the same thing subsequently in the same sentence? Not to mention the use of ‘a’ instead of ‘an’ in front of Ignoramus. Please do not attempt to educate anyone else. You must be ugly as well as stupid.

        • Olu

          ouch I struck a nerve lol. Deranged fool, no one forced you to watch the show. Just shows your mind is twisted and sick, you need help lol.

          • Bernie

            Does anyone force anyone to watch any show? Wtf kind of name is Olu? Are you a tranny?

          • Olu

            Haha why am I not surprised, as dumb as I imagined lol

          • Bernie

            Definately a tranny..

          • Beege

            Okay Bernie, you’re a real asshole but thanks for the laugh. Arguing in the comments of CouchTuner. Take it to YouTube, brah.

            By the way, she’s definitely not ugly.

            Oh, and one more thing. It’s spelled “definitely”.

          • Bernie

            My apologies… i was being a douche. Also thanks… I honestly wasn’t aware of the correct spelling. Learn something new everyday

  • Kerry Washington

    Lol! I should’ve been casted for this show! I know how to be a real bitch!

  • disqus_kZaMpdPvG5

    what happened to couch tuner it has changed and all the videos lag.

  • disqus_kZaMpdPvG5

    what happened to all the other tab options? none of these work

  • Joy Villa

    I love Annalesse! She’s tough and such a boss bitch in a way that is super mesmerizing.