Hot In Cleveland S3E12

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 23, 2015



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  • Caz

    oh shit!

    how the hell is cami gonna get herself outta that mess?!

  • srsly confused

    The Original’s directors and producers and stuff realize that their whole plot is screwed because it coincides with The Vampire Diaries and TVD has the Salvatore brothers as well as Caroline and others who are all vampires. So if their is a war between sire lines and the Mikaelson siblings are going to die that means all the TVD vampires die. But, in TVD that’s not the case because there was a 3 year time warp and it shows that the Salvatore brothers are still alive, which means this plot is completely screwed and is total bull shit. Idk wat their doing anymore or if they even realize the bigger picture. Also, there is no way Klaus is going to die or Elijah, not sure about Rebecca though but if they do the show wouldn’t be called the originals and the series would end

    • Abygail van T

      there* they’re*

      • srsly confused

        Um… I don’t give a shit, grammar police.