Homeland Season 4 Episode 4 Iron in the Fire

Posted By CouchTuner On October 20, 2014



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  • Ronaldo De Lima

    I’m so jealous of Suraj Sharma for kissing Claire Danes!

    • Lee Pace

      I’m not. In one of the earlier series I think in season 1, there was a shot of Carrie spending all of 2 seconds to clean her toosh then she left for work. I don’t think she’s the most hygienic

  • Shaun

    Premarital sex with a non Muslim. Somebodies going to hell lol.

  • Hans Gruber

    And he didn’t even have to buy her a drink first.

  • Rod

    So Carrie is being paid to seduce this kid by the US government so she can use him to get to his terrorist uncle. Doesn’t getting paid to have sex with someone make you a whore? Wow, her seduction of this kid was creepy. “Trust me, I have a vagina. I’ll make them understand.” That’s right Carrie. Shit all over another persons life for your own advancement.

    • Rowgly .

      Why would you just throw that spoiler on there and sound like such an idiot at the same time?!

      • Rod

        You read the comments before watching the show and complain about spoilers? You’re the idiot.

    • Harmya

      So if she was a he with 007 stach on her forehead would that have made it ok?

      • Rod

        It’s not a gender thing. Creepy behavior is creepy no matter what gender is doing it. And what are you talking about having a “stach on her forehead”? Who has a mustache on their forehead???

        • Harmya

          lol… I meant “tattooed on her forehead”, or mostly if she was a he, or James Bond 007, would it make it more acceptable to sleep with anything that walks?

          • Rod


  • ajwales

    Where did they lose the plot? Its so boring…

  • Your_Favorite_Candy

    is there anything this woman wont fuck

    • Harmya

      great to see a woman acting like a man fr once :)