Helix Season 2 Episode 10

Posted By CouchTuner On March 21, 2015





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  • Jim Ray

    @ 12:24 Amy easily breaks the glass in which Michael placed her during episode 7 (32:54). He told her “its tempered glass, it wont break” yet it completely shattered from a vase being thrown at it. This is an inconsistent contradiction.

    • Bob

      Just because it’s tempered doesn’t mean it wont shatter. It did shatter relatively easy from such a small vase.

      • Jim Ray

        Yeah, I get that. My point was that Michael locked her in there and she couldnt get out. All she needed to do was pick up a pot and break the glass if it could be broken so easily as it did. It doesnt matter to me either way. It was just an inconsistency that I noticed.

        I was watching “Better Call Saul” recently and they showed a bulletin board with wanted pictures on it. Another viewer noticed that later in the show, one of the wanted felons bumped into Saul. THAT was a great catch. Although I stopped the video and looked hard at the board at the time, I didnt catch the connection later during the show.

        Looking for things like that just makes viewing a little more interesting…to me anyway. Often when the director or set decorator places props they like to give clues (either personal or show related ) and sometimes they just make mistakes. This was one of those mistakes…imho.

        Pick a show and watch it more closely, you may find tid-bits along the way that you wouldnt have noticed otherwise. Viewing a show is a brain dead exercise but “watching” can at least stimulate a few neurons along the way ;) Just a thought.