HBO Documentaries My Depression

Posted By CouchTuner On July 14, 2015




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  • asdf

    I’m glad there are programs like this! I have schizophrenia, I don’t have depression but it’s really good to see the public receive information that they’re capable of assimilating.

    Words like ‘psychosis’ and ‘depression’ are meaningless logos which the media appropriates… that’s a big topic.. fml. I suck.

  • Cassandra Javier ☾

    wow really nice concept.

  • Harmya

    I agree, but to me, this is not the place for that. You can find much more on YouTube… I don’t see the point of using space for this stuff here!

    • Paper tiger

      It’s called choice, you don’t have to watch it. This isn’t a room with a finite amount of space.

      • Harmya

        Well I don’t see the need to turn this site into crap… where u throw any shit filmed around… this was suppose to be where you find series… good series… NOT documentary, reality crap, and so on… Since they changed or added new people to upload stuff, it’s gone over the edge from crappy to crappier! This is not the place for that!

        • Paper tiger

          It’s a pirate site showing ‘borrowed’ shows whose existence is to make money from people accidentally down loading software and adverts for sex and you want it to be fair. Ask the people who made the programmes if it is fair. Plus it’s a show about mental health problems !!!

          • Harmya

            “..downloading software and adverts for sex???” what? it clearly shows that ur new here! cause we’re not talking about the same site!!

          • Paper tiger

            How do you think this site and all the other couchtuner sites makes money ?

      • Harmya

        Just because there’s space doesn’t mean that this site should become that!