Hawaii Five-0 S2E7

Posted By couchtuner3 On June 22, 2015



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  • Tsunami

    Why hasn’t anyone yet pointed out that the cop who body slammed the girl out of her classroom could have avoided the entire incident by merely DRAGGING THE DESK out of the classroom with her in it?

    Or, if by chance, the floor was not linoleum, PICK UP THE DESK (for safety purposes, two officers, one on each end of the desk) and CARRY HER out of the classroom?

    Why hasn’t this been suggested yet? And Bill, showing clear signs of Old Man Syndrome harps on with this “kids these days” nonsense.


    • Shogun

      I agree with just moving the desk, but I also agree with Bill, I think the cop and the girl are both wrong in this situation, the cop is definitely way more wrong but I hate the fact that this girl is getting away free from responsibility for her actions. Did she deserve to be thrown down like that? In my opinion no, but if this was an older generation with less political correction a lot of parents would have probably saw justice in what the cop did because she was clearly being disruptive to the students and disrespectful of the teachers and administration. Should he get fired? Sure, but I think she should be suspended or something for her actions as well.

  • sistahfromanotherplanet

    Showing up at the wrong door as the wrong ethnic stereotype is a fantastic way to get the shit kicked out of you. Just saying.