Hand of God S1E3 Contemplating the Body

Posted By CouchTuner On September 7, 2015






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  • Louis

    Why there are not any scenes from next episode as it says always at the end??

    • Just My Guess

      It’s like that with almost all shows on these kinds of sites. I think they are probably set to cut out ads and the previews are somehow excluded because of it.

    • IamhotUArnot

      What the other person said and also frankly I am glad of it. Sometimes they purposefully or inadvertently reveal plot twists or devices when they do those things. I prefer to watch each episode not knowing anything at all before hand.

    • joe

      Because you’re not watching live TV with commercials and promos.

  • Squeeee!

    Martian Manhunter!

  • ViperLemon8

    Why didn’t Cara have her cousin fly her to the sun to re-energize her? And, to have him talk her through her time of being human fears.
    The show seems to want to keep Supergirl and Superman separate. Yet, in every episode they bring him up. They need to have him and her being able to visit one another. Even if that means as Cara and Kent. You don’t have to actually, show them together, just infer it.

    • joe

      CBS doesn’t own the rights to do anything with Superman/Clark Kent beyond what they’re doing.

  • Nathan Klejman

    wow, i thought human cara would be normal but she’s just…..puny, so scrawny and weak! She broke her arm just by being pushed!

    • Nathan Klejman

      Also what the hell is Davin from Killjoys doing here?? Go back to your altercations with Dutch!

  • David

    My gosh I never thought I would actually get to see the Martian Manhunter on TV,

  • Taurus_KillU

    When we guan get a flash arrow supergirl cross over

  • blink -.-

    really with the crap CGI Manhunter? >.<

  • Brady

    I’ve been waiting three hours.. they told me to stay tuned for scenes for the next episode… i have seen nothing. Is there something wrong with this show, link, me? TELL ME! ahahahahha