Halo Nightfall Season 1 Episode 1

Posted By CouchTuner On November 19, 2014





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  • Nathan Starr

    very good. i like it.

  • Glenn

    nice start of this serie maybe it will be bether than the game ^

  • awwffsgetagrip

    Wort, wort, wort!

  • http://wefix.cf Eran Bodokh

    This is just terrible. Looks cheap, feels cheap, and the plot just isn’t interesting. A total disappointment from a legendary director. And i am a die hard halo fan.

    • Nathan Starr

      and thats why u think its terrible…. look at it from a non halo point of view even at a halo fan point of view… they got the elites spot on. i feel the story is good the acting could be better but i can deal with it. i think it will get better just keep watching i feel theres something big comming.. the only thing im really truely disapointed about is the fact episodes only go for 30 mins..

      • http://wefix.cf Eran Bodokh

        I have taste in everything movie related. And i don’t think it’s terrible because of my point of view. It’s just not special and ridiculous. A compound that kills only humans. Stupid.

        • Nathan Starr

          its science fiction bro its ment to be stupid in that sence.. on your theory the covenant is stupid the halo itself is a stupid concept like i said its science fiction dude its not ment to make sence

          • Squall879

            the Halo Rings make perfect sense even in science there are things that can destroy all life and leave everything else untouched. A compound that kills only humans is also completely plausible. An elite however wandering into a defended colony and letting off a bomb however not so plausible…

          • Nathan Starr

            it is because they are ment to have a treaty

          • Austin Robustelli

            These are one of the smaller outer colonies that have fairly low defenses and security. It is possible; but what I didn’t think made any sense was how no one in the mall freaked out after seeing an Elite with Covenant-Loyalists armor walk right in.

          • Davis Jensen

            How would they know that’s what the armor represents? To them, armor is armor.
            Also, I found after some research that the different variations of armor designate the wearer’s role and function, not alliance.

          • Austin Robustelli

            The colors are what represents the faction. Loyalists/Covenant-Remnant generally wear the Covenant uniform of Purple, while the Swords of Sanghelios wear a much more variety of light and dark colors.

  • IamhotUArnot

    Where is Mister Chef?

  • generationpolitics

    30 minute episodes is this some sort of sick joke? This is Halo by title only and thats it. Fucking cheap asses trying to earn a quick buck. Typical hollywood

    • Reece Baskerville

      this wasn’t made in Hollywood, it was made in Ireland, and Iceland

  • El_Oscar24

    Piss on the canon why dont you. Spartan IIs were practically neutered in their early days.

  • blah

    Uh… what race is Axl supposed to be? I’ve never seen any covenant race like him – too tall and human to be a jackal, to unhairy and short to be a brute, and he sure as fuck isn’t a bugger, grunt or hunter.

  • John

    I don’t understand why in every alien movie/game, aliens have to be about the size of humans, for what I know, they could be the size of ants or the size of football fields. And the facts that aliens also communicate using the same frequency of sound as humans do and have four limbs and two eyes, mouth under nose with teeth inside etc etc etc just become unbelievable. If we communicate by speaking to each other through soundwaves using our native vocal system in the future, I’d say we are pretty fucked by any alien that is able to get to earth first.

  • John

    Why do aliens have the same facial expressions as humans, facial expressions are evolved for communication among humans. Many mammals don’t even have facial expressions, but aliens miraculously have them. Nice thoughtful covenants I suppose. Maybe we were brothers back in the time?

    • gangstar

      alliens adapt to our communicated quickly due to they’re unparreleled intellgence