Grimm Season 4 Episode 8 Chupacabra

Posted By CouchTuner On December 13, 2014





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  • voodoo

    LMFAO @ the last 10 seconds of the episode hahahaha and we thought she was pregnant :P

  • Hans Gruber

    I always thought she was kind of a witch.

  • Charles Garrison

    DAMN that shit was off the hook! I love this show and it is just getting better and better. Wu is finding out (not in a really good way); you have The Verat, Adelind, Resistance and Renards mom looking for Ms. Berkhard; a group of assholes killing foxes and threatning Monroe and Rosealie; and now Juliette is a hexenbeast. WHOO-WHEE this is getting very very very interesting. I JUST LOVE IT!!

  • Nutmeg Buchanan

    wow the last 10 second didnt even come across my mind juliette becoming a hexenbitch, WU having a mental break down thats funny, Grimm one of the best tv series ever love it!!!

  • IamhotUArnot

    Gee, I wonder how they could have averted another Wu breakdown…….oh that’s right, they could have just told him LAST F******* SEASON. What the hell was the reason behind not telling him? I am glad that that idiotic plot hole was finally resolved.

    • Sacha

      What makes you think that when they told him he wouldn’t get worse and commit suicide? Wu may not be as strong as Hank to get back on his feet so quickly. I hope he does though, I like Wu.

      • IamhotUArnot

        Because other people were told the secret and turned out just fine. Hank and Juliette for starters and Vesen sp? even have a specific name for humans that are in on the secret so its not like its never happened before. The entire reason he was institutionalized in the first place was because everyone kept telling him he was seeing thinks. They told Hank pretty early on and thus he didn’t run around thinking he was crazy and losing it like Wu did.

        There was literally no reason whatsoever for them to not tell Wu other than some BS contrived story plot grasping at some kind of juvenile suspense. It was just nonsensensical.

  • Mo

    Fuck Nick and Hank. Especially Hank. How the fuck could they treat Wu like this ? They’ve basically let him think that’s he’s fucking insane and now he has PTSD

    • Sacha

      They probably thought he wouldn’t be able to handle it. That shit would give you nightmares, Hank took it hard and they didn’t want Wu to have to go through the same thing. They were just trying to protect him, even though it didn’t work out.

      • Mo

        At least let the man take his own chances instead of essentially making him think he’s insane. Their good intentions means nothing. They are not good friends

  • Guest

    How is no-one noticing his neck?!!

  • Erica

    BOOM! My mind is blown!! I can’t believe about poor Juliet!!