Grey’s Anatomy S11E21 How to Save a Life

Posted By CouchTuner On April 24, 2015





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  • Clare Mcalister-Raeburn

    RIP Derek Shepherd. I hope Patrick Dempsey moves on to another show with a fabulous role he can sink his teeth into. After 11 seasons, the man deserves a different challenge. Let’s see what this actor is made of.

  • ada

    dis i cant forgive…shonda

  • michael


  • F13f14f

    The song at the end made me realise who we lost during this show. We’ve lost Burke, addison, George, Izzy, mark and lexi but dammit I draw the line with Derek. I know Patrick said he wasn’t doing season 11 but did Derek really have to die? It would have spared us all our souls if he just stayed in DC and he and mer broke up even though that’d suck too. But really? He had to die. The way he died also reminded me of Mark’s death, so you can see why that stung 10 times harder. After 11 freakin years of going through all the gut wrenching drama between him and meredith, the dream couple fell apart like this. I guess its not greys anatomy if you don’t feel like you just died after watching it.

    • ShadowDragon

      or, if mer hadn’t pulled the plug, and just put him in long term care, so if Patrick decided to they could bring him back with him coming back with some sort of medical miracle.

  • Jason Matthew Born

    That was a stupid way for him to die, not because he got hit by the truck, but because some idiot doc didn’t ct a head injury patient. Doesn’t matter if you fix his guts, if he’s brains dead that couldn’t matter less, and then the prick doc who was on call and went out to a fancy dinner, wth. It’s like, let’s find of 2 least excusable reasons for someone to die at a hospital, and use them. He died, because those who were supposed to act didn’t, friggin’ lame.