Gotham Season 1 Episode 5 Viper

Posted By CouchTuner On October 21, 2014



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  • Kraany

    On the tv just before the news go on an old batman was on the tv

  • Lachylord


    • SAQ Rabbit

      I agree, but I don’t think we have met the “Bane” character yet. I like though that since this is an “origin” story of sorts that they introduced the chemical that Bane may use later, but in like a fetus stage with issues and flaws.

  • SAQ Rabbit

    What the Freud?

  • Ryoma Echizen

    Nice development i say.~
    Everyone’s calling this show James Gordon,
    though it’s beginning to involve young Bruce little by little.~

    P.S. Oswald’s got a sugar daddy now, hah!

  • Bruce Wayne

    Damn little Bruce Wayne to hell, I couldn’t hate his involvement with the show any more than I already do. Bruce Wayne is just a depressed kid until he was like 19, he had zero interest in detective work after his parents died.

    • Hallvard Sindre S.

      Its called fiction, its another way of telling the tale of Bruce Wayne and Gotham :) Therefore it doesnt need to contain the same things :) Notice for example Harvey, Gordons partner… he was a DA. in the movies and certainly doesnt look like hes been working for 40 years or more :)

      • Phil

        Completely different Harvey. Gordon’s partner is Harvey Bullock; the DA was Harvey Dent.

      • Bruce Wayne

        Are you retarded, that’s not the same Harvey, his partner is Harvey Bullock, the DA’s name is Harvey Dent.

  • Josiah Lee

    the action never stops so awesome i never knew penguin was so skinny lmaf

  • drew

    the girl fish mooney is training..could that be the future harley quinn?