Gotham Season 1 Episode 3 The Balloonman

Posted By CouchTuner On October 7, 2014



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  • chestertheinvestor


    • Kamina

      i think i t would be better if the setting would move to where bruce is an adult already

      • chestertheinvestor

        Surely thats what everyone should want but if that were to happen it would definitely never a bigger budget than this noir batman origin story.

        • Jesse

          I think you’re missing the point, this show isn’t about Batman. It’s about Jim Gordan and all the other side characters lives in pre Batman Gotham.
          The show might never show Bruce as an adult.

          • chestertheinvestor

            I understand this is an origin story dedicated to james gordon but the shows writers are hardly working to evade he cliches seen in most “cop-dramas”…. the only reason to watch it from now will be to get some kind of happiness from watching the penguin character kill others for shoes. otherwise as someone whose loved batman all their life, I demand fox change it up or their losing my demographic. if only hbo pitched the ideas, then this program would be a super hit.

      • Ryoma Echizen

        True that.~

        Though, i don’t mind this too much.~

  • Vintagess

    They did say in TV Guide that they were trying to go at this from a different viewpoint. They did say that some die hard fans wouldn’t like it. I’m a comic geek, I see the disappointment, but I like it so far. I’m intrigued. And I’m glad that they are not following the comic books, we need a break from that direction. I like to be surprised. And Gordon is kind of hot. I couldn’t say that in the films….. ;-)

  • exoskull

    you gotta be an idiot if you want bruce to grow up already that story is already been told, now this is a different type of gotham there telling you was going on with the bad guys,,, you dont really know the true story about the bad guys they go deep every body know about batman but nobody knews about the villains … sorry run on sentence