Gotham Season 1 Episode 2 Selina Kyle

Posted By CouchTuner On September 30, 2014



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  • Forneverstar

    Who would of thought batman was a cutter

    • Totally don’t condone it

      well he is clearly in the early stages of forming his persona. It makes sense he would attempt self harm as a misbegotten test of fear

  • Hans Gruber

    Catwoman and Penguin have a lot in common. They’re both squealers.

  • Rod

    The girl who plays Cat on the show looks a little creepy. Her eyes are too far apart like the creature from the movie Splice.

    • Belieber Uno

      Lmao, I was thinking the exact thing. Definitely has that half alien crazy shit going on, probably has a tail too.

  • SAQ Rabbit

    What the fuck is up with Alfred? Never raised a kid? The guy was a butler to the Waynes for a long ass time. I hate this blind assertiveness they gave him, I mean this is the man that brings Batman down to Earth when he gets all fucked up. Alfred is pretty damn close to being a superhero himself. The Alfred in this show isn’t the Alfred in anything else Batman related. I don’t like it.

    • Belieber Uno

      I disagree. Do you actually think that young Bruce would become Batman if he was spoiled and coddled all the time, like society emasculates kids today? Highly doubtful. Wake up from your sheeple coma.

      • SAQ Rabbit

        I mean Alfred was always stern with Bruce yea, but he was never friggan arrogant or ignorant about it. There was always a reason or meaning behind the things Alfred said. And….

        • Belieber Uno

          Obviously he doesn’t have kids and is a career butler, not use to taking on the full responsibility of a parent as well. Its not that hard to figure out, no one is becomes a parent overnight. Especially to a kid that isn’t even theirs in the first place.

    • Darian Amoroso

      I don’t think you understand what is going on…..this is when Bruce is still a boy obviously so how would Alfred know how to raise a child if he is now experiencing it? so there is nothing wrong in saying he doesn’t know how to raise a child when he never had one, it is perfectly correct.

      • SAQ Rabbit

        Alfred raised Bruce’s father, and cared for the children when the parents were away and the Wayne family being the Wayne family Imma guess that was all the time. The man worked years with the Wayne’s and also worked with many other wealthy families before that, I find it hard to swallow that he just doesn’t know how to take care of a child.

        • KSmith

          Alfred never raised Bruce’s father, he took over the butler job from his father when Bruce was a very young child; before that he was an actor and before that he is believed to have worked in the British secret service.

  • Jesse

    I love this version of the Penguin

  • Ryoma Echizen

    I like how they portray Bruce on this show.~
    You get to see his character development.

    I just wanna know if they’re gonna make everyone age,
    throughout the season, or if it’ll be from season to season.~

  • Ahel2

    Super enjoying this!