Gotham Season 1 Episode 11 Rogues’ Gallery

Posted By CouchTuner On January 6, 2015





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  • kazuto kirigaya


  • im high af

    Not sure what changed but this episode was seriously amazing High hopes for the rest of the season

  • 3minspastnever

    Why is he so loyal to fish?

  • Julie T

    This is super boring this week. Bummer.

  • xoxofrets

    Lang is so annoying!

  • xoxofrets

    Bonsai tree.haha

    • SAQ Rabbit

      lol what makes that great is bonsai trees are enjoyed… over time. lmao

  • Mike

    All along you think Barbara Gordon is a good woman and all…..turns out she had a very interesting beginning as a lesbian then gets turned out now back to good ole Jimbo…….didn’t agree with Electrocutioner turning out to be who he is….in Arkham Origins….doesn’t pan out unless somewhere down the road Lester takes over

  • Windel Hernandez

    i really love this show. keep it up!

  • Nutmeg Buchanan

    man great start with gotham but man allow living in gotham, the survival time on the street is probably like 10mins. Arkham times

  • exoskull

    if some one is stealing beef stacks from you, you better make an example out of them..

  • exoskull

    bravo great episode

  • Masked-Boy

    WTF is wrong with Barbara she is cheating on Gordan with another fu*king women and when she just heard sound of girl in Gordan home she gets mad?? I never hated any DC character but she, she is fu*king confused women and fu*k writers who wrote her!!