Gotham Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Posted By CouchTuner On September 23, 2014




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  • Hans Gruber

    That sandwich was to die for…

    What an excellent show! Great casting, acting, story, sets. Hope they can keep it up.

    • Lachylord


  • johnnyp miller

    If you didn’t like batman in the past . wow you will now. tv that saves our souls

  • johnnyp miller

    its about time

  • Jack Gower

    hate the new alfred :(

    • Ryoma Echizen

      Well actually that’s the old alfred.~
      He learns to respect bruce’s decisions as he grows.

      Very cool pilot by the way.~

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Someone should tell Catwoman that cow’s milk is bad for cats. They don’t produce the proper enzymes to break down the proteins in cow’s milk so it can make them sick and give them diarrhea.

    • Belieber Uno

      How the hell do you know what type of milk it was?

      • SAQ Rabbit

        Because goat’s milk or yak’s milk is popularly found in convenience stores in urban cities… -_-;

        • Red

          Turns out you’re both wrong. You can clearly see the “milk” in the apparently brand-new bottle only has a dribble of liquid in it. It’s probably watered down cow’s milk, which cats can have in moderation.

          • SAQ Rabbit

            She stole that from a dude that just walked out of a convenience store… she probably drank most of it because she’s “Catwoman” and shared the rest of it with a cat… unless she watered it down for whatever reason, I doubt it tho.

          • Red

            Ever tried to run away after shoving a 2L milk bottle down the front of your jacket? The weight would mess with her slinky stride and make her look clunky and awkward, so they make it light for her because movies use these things called ‘props’ to solve those kinds of problems. Sorry to kill the magic for you

  • SAQ Rabbit

    Awesome pilot, it did its job by bringing me into the show. I kind of wish there were a couple of episodes before Bruce’s parents were killed, so there would be a bit of back story of Bruce’s father and what he was trying to do for Gotham, but I see where they are going with the show.

    You can count me in for next weeks episode.

  • Jeremie Masseloux

    cat woman seems kinda out of place


    The joker is exactly how i pictured him. A scared comedian just trying to make some quick cash. I hope they get the story right and show how he becomes the Red Hood to save the woman he loves from dying.

  • ash

    loving penguin gwjfhwjhw

  • flanders


  • sad DC fan

    Both links have been deleted :(