Gangland Undercover Season 1 Episode 2 A Tough Prospect

Posted By CouchTuner On March 4, 2015





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  • John Purvis Kenneth Miller


    • ephraim winzkowitz

      ya gay

  • Tempy

    I am getting into this,very interesting:)

  • adik514

    awesome series so far :)

  • 50ShadeSeattle

    If you love sons of anarchy then you’ll love this series based on a true Story

    • ephraim winzkowitz

      no though because sons of anarchy is fictional and unrealistic and this is based on real events and makes sense

      • Christopher Lee

        Really?? STFU dweeb. It’s an awesome Biker Show and a badass Biker Show. And i don’t know about you Poindexter, but there are quite a few similarities between the “unrealistic” show and the “based on true events” show. Right down to a Jax lead character type and a Tara, lead character’s gf type.

        • TheNewGuy ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          Nope, it is completely unrealistic! From the first episode to the last.
          Funny how 50 Mayan’s can be killed without being able to take out even one of the Son’s.
          And the last episode when Jack is just riding around? Yeah, police don’t set up road blocks or anything…. nooooooo, 100 police cars just line up to follow the person they’re chasing.
          It’s a cheesy popcorn style show. It’s meant to appeal to 14 year old horny teenage boys. And based on your comment I suspect you are one of them.

          • Christopher Lee

            Nah, I just respect other people’s artistry. I wish I was 14 again, pushing 30. People take some of these shows to seriously, yes it’s still fiction and most people fail to see that. I hear you on the unrealistic moments, a rocket launcher fight with the cartel for instance, but fact is that directors HAVE to be creative to keep people entertained and interested…
            The last scene was poetry in motion though, it wrapped it all up with Jax death perfectly in my opinion. He went out the same way he figured out his father did, as a martyr to save his boys and the club, hopefully in a more successful way so that they wouldn’t live the life he did.
            That’s the way he wanted to go out, in true biker fashion.. On his father’s bike with the pigs at his heals and end it when he decided it was over…
            I ask you though, how would it have the same affect if ended with Jax at a road block??

    • Blackknight

      Boardwalk Empire remember more of SOA

  • ✡ shlomo shekelstien ✡

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