Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 Mockingbird

Posted By CouchTuner On May 19, 2014





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  • Thierry Letalnet

    Finaly out :D lets watch it !!!

  • erwin

    i was expecting the trial by combat thingy but that was good as well

  • whymeplease

    Didn’t see that one coming at the end 0_0

  • Lawl Wut

    She didn’t fly so good.

  • fuckstick

    fuck your dad you shmuckfuck

  • fuckstick

    tyrion lanister has a tiny dick. #bossmoney

  • bigpimpin

    I never thought this shit would get so crazy.

  • AsurasPath22

    Wasn’t what I expected, but it was still an amazing episode. Next week is gonna be epic. I wanted that b*tch to die lol. Tyrion is awesome. I hope cercei dies and Tywin. Peter and Sansa oh damn lol. That’s all I got

  • Moses

    Craziest episode ever I’m fucking with Peter even doe Ned should’ve killed him

    • Voldemorts Mom

      doe = though
      silly man

  • Kristoph Shmit

    O MY GAWD!!! That has EPIC!!! I was going to pee my pants when Sansa almost flew! Dadgum!!! The looney is dead! Man what an episode!!!

    • Ukirampa bwak

      Can you not pee in your pants please. Pee in my mouth

      • Kristoph Shmit


  • Ron

    I cant believe everyone dies.

    • Emily

      LOL well this is GoT where everyone dies no matter who

  • Mik

    I knew Peter baylish was going to push her down the moondoor lol and the fat kid then Robyn losing his cool funniest episode ever

  • Kirsten

    Why does it keep bringing up that stupid ‘install player update thing’ my software is up to date and I don’t need that player. Sort it out Couch Tuner!!

    • Dorito38

      that’s probably just an add. In the top left or right corner you can click the cross, and a red play button appears

  • Loulouone

    Brilliant episode ! ..I love the hound !

  • Jacquelyn Isabel

    Whoop der it is

  • Timothy Gough

    So Petyr Baelish is clever. That little boy will marry Sansa but Petyr will be the one fucking her every night and ruling the land behind the scenes. Long live Lord Baelish

  • Amir Gül Khan The GOT Lover

    What is the song at the ending credits i have been wanting to know for so long! Please, anyone!

  • Hans Gruber

    So why have there been three different actors playing the Moiuntain? And they keep getting shorter every year?

  • Hans Gruber

    Why so many different actors playing the Mountain?

    • theRotuman

      Only the cool kids

  • Hans Gruber

    why so many actors portraying the mountain?

    • cleanex

      She signed a nudity pact agreement or something or other where she has limited/no nude scenes. I can’t remember all the details or where exactly I heard it, so I in all honesty could be wrong.

  • I-AM-A!

    I had only love one woman in my life…
    You sister!

  • 2pac

    new episode where r u!!

  • Oguz Ates

    This is the craziest episode EVER!!