Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 6 The Laws of Gods and Men

Posted By CouchTuner On May 12, 2014






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  • Shaun

    First (I can finally die now)

  • cookmandude

    Tallahassee fl here i realy enjoy this show

    • Voldemorts Mom

      Hogwarts here I really enjoy this show

  • wut

    Looks like Florida boy beat you to it.

  • wut


  • ChatWraithGamma


  • Holy FUCK!

    Holy FUCK!

  • Holokron

    46:48-50:39 Is the best acting Peter Dinklage has done yet for Tyrion Lannister. I love how he defends himself. This guy deserves an Emmy for this.

    • AsurasPath22

      To be honest he deserves an oscar for everytime I see him act in game of thrones. I love that tyrions attitude.

      • Mykull Davidson

        no he doesn’t because Oscars are for movies and Emmy’s are for television. That would be like giving an Olympics Gold Medal to the winner of the Super Bowl

        • AsurasPath22

          Wow the amount of sh*ts I give lol.

  • ijustwannawatch

    tyrion is a giant

  • AsurasPath22

    YEA! Tear them a new f**kh*le Tyrion! Oh and I think I’m starting to like Jamie. I just want cersei and Tywin to die already. Oh and shae!

    • tommy lad

      Jamie’s an incest you weird fuck! you should both be put down.

      • AsurasPath22

        He was trying to save his brother you fucking idiot. Yea I found him retarded when he pushed bran out of the window and had sex with his sister, but right now he is risking it all for his brother. He seems to get better after his hand gets cut off, but hey if you are going to be that retarded then you need help lol.

  • AiusLocutius

    you magnificent, giant of a dwarf!

  • I have a brain

    It’s taken long enough to get to the trial, I’ll guess we’ll have to wait another week to see the Red Viper in action.

  • tim tom

    poor Tyrion been put on trail for attempted murder he didnt do. Then trail for an actual murder. But doesnt compare the trail he has been put on his whole life, with his father and sister loathing him.

  • Timothy Gough

    Smart move Tyrion. Now he’ll get to name his champion – Jamie Lannister – to fight to the death on his behalf. Tywin and Cersei won’t both be happy about that because Jamie is Tywin’s son and Cersei’s lover. Tyrion is playing chess moves all the time. That Shay betch is cold. I’m never going to fukk with whores now. Never.

    • smirnof veleski

      nope, nice try though.

    • lord zneapea

      Jamie Says no, Buuuut his cut throat… well thats a different story

  • Amir Gül Khan The GOT Lover

    Hell yeah Tyrion, you badass!

  • Noah DeSalvo

    damn it i got so excited for the end of the trail but it ended…

  • ella

    why does this site need my credit card number but says they will not use it? Did something change with couchtuner?

  • ella

    I can’t even watch any of the shows now. :(

  • Voldemorts Mom

    I saw Ron masterbating in the hufflepuff boys dormitory.
    Later he got into a dance off with Seamus’ dad.
    Is he gay? you decide

  • lord zneapea

    A Mighty Speach, Well Played Tyrion, You da best

  • Oguz Ates

    So, Tyrion is not guilty? Wow that was hard to figure out…NOT!!
    Let’s see how this trial by combat goes :)