Game of Thrones S5E9 The Dance of Dragons

Posted By CouchTuner On June 8, 2015






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  • sss

    I don’t get why they would kill of khaleesi in such a stupid way, went from my favorite show to not being watched.

    • Glowurm

      Pissed me off as well seeing her story line end.

    • Michael

      What. She flew away on a dragon after it went ham. Did you watch the whole thing or?

    • John


    • skkillasin

      shut the fuck up dude

    • deus

      …why they would want to kill khaleesi..

      • sss

        in trolling

  • Aaron Frawley

    This is looking to be an epic NEXT season lol


    lol….I’m I the only one who thought the spine ridge on Drogon’s back were probably poking Daene in the butt.

    • Roofffairy

      Nope, i totally was cringing at that part too

    • sasdfsdfwe

      she is pretty thing …. a smart one would sit between them as a seat and not on them to get spiked^^

  • Hans Gruber

    I thought it was great how they got Jesus to orate the games.

    • awwffsgetagrip

      only reason people think Jesus is a alright guy is because they never knew about the fight club because he never spoke about fight club

  • Abraxas

    Good ep, but a tough night for the kiddies in GoT, yeesh! Liked how the dragon took care of business in the arena. The fighter (on the left) in the first pairing sounded like Ah-nold, lol

  • Cameron Robbins

    Umm did you guys watch a different episode to me? Could have swore she rode off on the back of a khaleesi is far from dead

    • Abraxas

      Thought the dragon flew her outta danger, she didn’t die

    • videostyle1 .

      I thought the same thing

    • WhateverMan

      They’re douches who want to spoil the episode for people who come to the comments thread before they watch the episode. Flag their post as inappropriate and just maybe it’ll get deleted.

  • Your_Favorite_Candy

    nooo khaleesi was so beautiful why kill her off

  • Joe

    that was hard to watch…. and hear….;_;

  • Nana

    Now that’s a MF queen right there!

  • ann june

    khaleesis storyline ends there for this season because the next book hasn’t been written yet.

    • sasdfsdfwe

      with that argument many storyline would have ended already ….

      they know the fix points of the book from martin and have to go there on their own now. Will be hard though to make it as good without him though

      • The Mynxie One

        I am sure he is helping keep it somewhat on track and gives input on the script and storyline.

    • The Mynxie One

      They are going off book now, so it doesn’t matter.

  • Rod

    Any father who would do that to his daughter doesn’t deserve to be king. Screw Stannis and Melisandre.

    • The Mynxie One

      I hope they both die in a fire, but very slowly.

    • sasdfsdfwe

      here is the thing.
      there is 1 ship with 5000 people you don t know and there is one with a family member on bord. you can save one you must explode the other. which is the right choice ???.
      as far as we have seen the red priests magic is pretty impressiv (and she trys to seduce him with that shit since s2 with showings of it). stannis knows they will all die in this storm with all the food burned down. they actually mention the support line is broken because of the storm which makes the send away of the onion knight just to get him out of sigh since they can t get the food there anyway.
      don t wanna say it was a good thing to do but what is the crueler thing burn 1 person to save a few thousand of other ( and with the thing we have seen it is possible it works) or stick together and let all the thousands starve and freeze to death. i couldn t even comprehend such a decision not to mention which one is the less crueler way.

      • Rod

        One cannot fight evil by doing evil. Killing his innocent daughter, especially in such a despicable manner, was clearly evil. A person can prosper for a time by doing evil but at a cost to their integrity and reputation. Did you see the reaction his soldiers had to what they were ordered to do? I dare say that many of them had lost all respect for their king. I don’t know if you have ever led men into battle, but it is much easier to lead from respect than from fear. Men who fear you will follow you as long as your sword can reach. Men who respect you will follow you to the ends of the earth. This may have seemed the only way out to him but it will bite him in the ass later. Maybe literally.

        • sasdfsdfwe

          well i never lead man in battle and i hope i never will. since you can t answer the boat question either the dream world answer (find an other way save them all and live happily ever after). sadly this not how the world in this show works.

          i read the books and i watched the series. the thing that you talk about evil makes me wonder. i haven t seen a single only good and only evil person the whole show ( they are all grey some certainly a darker grey then others). even the so called hero in the east has pets which eat little children and spikes 163 people alive to a pole (how good can that really be).
          As far as i could tell the white walkers could actually be the less evil force and the fire god the more evil. just because we have no point of view of them yet and raising the dead makes them look horrible as fuck.
          Afterall there was a fight of the children, whitewalkers, man and fire before and no one knows the peace terms for it. i guess it was some kind of peace or why should all still be alive in different restricted areas of the world (hatch dragon in neutral territory could be a contract breaking act).

        • Tess

          I hope it’s a molten bite to the ass, and that it consumes him, his wife and that witch!

  • HackThePlanet

    Can’t believe the dragon dies! oh wait that’s the next episode. oopsie

    • deus

      i hope he gets to heal.

    • raneanubis

      fuck you

  • Roofffairy

    Poor princess shareen, goes from born unwanted by mother loved by father, dies loved by mother in the hands of her dad.. Cunt. Kill the fire whore, shes useless. Things just keep getting more f** ked up on each new episode! i wouldnt be suprised if they end up putting khaleesi n jon snow together, they both have same facials… But then they find out theyre somehow half brother n sister….

    • The Mynxie One

      They aren’t any relation. I do wish they would put them two together. I think they would be great. I want to see Her win the war and the throne. I think it would be great if she married Jon Snow. That would be the ULTIMATE ending for me.

  • Julie T

    Holy crap that was awesome.

  • Viking blooded

    How the hell did we go from Stannis doing anything to save his daughter to lets burn her at a pit to make a dam choice on where to go next? This show is becoming bi-polar with its character development. Man I really do wish they would kill of khaleesi.

    • Hans Gruber

      I think her pleading with him to let her help him in any way should could had a lot to do with changing Stannis’ mind.

    • The Mynxie One

      Fuck you douchenozzle. I want Daenerys (Khaleesi) to win this thing and marry Jon Snow. Anyone who hates Her is a twit with daddy’s dick in your mouth. Shut the fuck up.

    • Josh A

      Except for the fact that he was happy to kill his nephew, he DID kill his brother, so how is this out of character? He’s a classic tragic hero – highborn, noble, and inspires loyalty in his followers, but he has a fatal flaw that is his downfall.

  • The Mynxie One

    That last scene with Daenerys and the dragon was so FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I about creamed myself. OMFG. I want a dragon!!!!!!!!!

  • sasdfsdfwe

    how can tywin raise so fast to leader of the undead in just 9 episodes …. i could swear this was tywin who raised the dead in last episode.

  • Tess

    Having no loyalty to his daughter shows that he would have no loyalty to his country. Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting! I knew something bad was going down when he sent his R.H.M. to do an errand…oh, I think there will be another who will be given the name, “King Slayer”.

  • GaryGuillermo

    I love the young girl pictured at the begining of this episode . . . what a set of breasts. If she would let her hair grow out she would be the most beautiful in Dorn.